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Quote from spanks :Man that thing is driving like a fork lift. I don't know how you can drive like that and be consistent.

Haha. As a forklift driver I can assure you the Lotus drives nothing like one

I really never understood all the fuss about the Lotus handling. I drive it almost exactly the same way as the Star Mazda. It's a little more sensitive in the steering department ( I believe it was Mario Andretti that said "the Lotus 79 needs to be driven with the wrists") and you need better throttle control exiting slower corners, but apart from that its just a case of "floor the bugger and it will stick" It handles like a dream and is far more exciting to drive than the Williams
Agree with the handling of the Lotus. At first it is daunting and difficult to drive, needs a finer touch and smoother inputs than some other cars but once you understand the Lotus is a blast to drive.
+1, moose it was david brabham who commented on driving it with your wrists in the autosport test of it at lime rock earlier this year, mario in a side bar pointed out that when he tested it in it's current spec he had to get them to run the car a lot lower than they used to run to produce ground effect since the loss of the side skirts so that seems to suggets our ultra low ride heights are fairly accurate aswell.

i posted a (poor) scan of the test on the lotus forum, here's the link to the scan ... port%20lotus%2079%20test/

EDIT: i suppose that gives away what my real name is as well if you look on iracing for the thread
Quote from tinvek : moose it was david brabham who commented on driving it with your wrists in the autosport test of it at lime rock earlier this year

Thanks for the correction
I'm sure it's a great article. Unfortunately it's to small for my crappy eye.
Spa definitely being released today! Before 5PM EST, or 10PM GMT, but without any problems it could potentially be in the next hour. Can't wait!
It's out, so is the Street Stock.
looks like spa is a real system punisher at the moment, hope the end of season update gives the promised 30% improvement.

apart from that it's f#@*&^g amazing
I really can't wait to get home and drive that tonight!

3D vision + laser-scanned spa ftw!
Somebody said the Lotus = Forklift

Well the StreetStock is like driving a dumptruck. Overall is understeer on entry, but it has power to lose the rear tires on exit.
Spa is a lot trickier than I remember from other "sims". I never realised the straight towards Eau Rouge is that narrow.
I haven't looked in this thread in a long time. It's amazing to see a sim that actually gets updated regularly! The cost is too much for me to stomach, but that topic been beaten to death in this thread soo

moving on
Haven't had the chance to race at Spa yet, but hearing there is an injury with stuttering at some places. Hopefully the next build sees an improvement with the improved graphic fix that I'm hearing about.
Quote from Mackie The Staggie :Haven't had the chance to race at Spa yet, but hearing there is an injury with stuttering at some places. Hopefully the next build sees an improvement with the improved graphic fix that I'm hearing about.

Yeah, there's some massive FPS drop in some turns.
iRacing in members forum:
One mistake I think we may have made was that we've been testing the track in alpha testing where we already have the graphics optimizations (also in alpha testing). When we discovered the performance difference without the optimizations we attempted some last minute track optimizations. There will be more to come...

It is also true that with high end GPU's, Spa and RA are CPU bottlenecked. We've been focusing on that in the changes actually. With 3 monitors at roadamerica and render per view on, my fps has increased from 57 to 102 at a bad spot (in alpha testing compared to members). Pretty much 20% everywhere around tracks like RA and Spa minimum, up to much more - it just wasn't ready for this release.

It's possible some spa specific fixes may be released within a couple weeks. I suspect that major engine optimizations will be released next season, end of Jan? I know they will help somewhat at these worst tracks. I might do some comparisons and post a few later. Every PC is different, its not like a PS3 where its all the same for everyone

OK. I did a quick test.

On members, the worst spot at spa with 3-screens and render-per-view is 35 fps for me. The same spot on alpha testing is 57 fps for me. So that's a 62% increase? Its not like that at all tracks, but at spa and ra, with three screens, it is like that. Some hope is on the way I guess.

Also, we need to speed up the track itself, it is a pig.
Good, i had 25 fps at start of one race there. Every fps will help, donate!

Also had a blast with Street stock on Spa, it's great fun and it will be wasted on ovals. Only car with road tyres on it. Hope someone does a road league or event with it.
It is really CPU bottlenecked, I put quite a big overclock on my Q6600 and RAM (I always overclock in winter anyway while it's colder, forgot to do it this year) and it nearly doubled my frame rates and got rid of the stuttering completely, Spa is fantastic now.

Apparently, going into the renderer.ini and changing "LODPct=100" to 200 - 300 helps a good bit, so its worth a try. Also try turning off the 'Far Terrain' option, should help another wee bit with only a tiny graphical quality drop.

Street stock is great fun, the fixed setup is a bit pushy, but you just have to use trail braking and lift off oversteer to get the car rotating through corner entry and use the power on exit. Dale jr posted a few setups that are great though, much better than the fixed.
I'm really narked off now. I was leading a Truck race and timed out with 18 to go. My iRating is now non-existent. Bugger.
Quote from StableX :Charity Spa Event January 8th (with prizes!) ... rity-Mixed-Class-Spa-Race

Would be great to see some LFS teams that also have iRacing to sign up too

Oh dear, if Huttu wins that, Towler will be mad But since it's for charity, he should gladly let Towler through

Yesterday, I watched Episode 6 and the dashboard iR introduced. I have to say it looks interesting.


I don't quite understand. It's a downloadable game like LFS is, but you can join servers while being on the iRacing site on the net??

You can get money back for racing on servers, but how does that work? Do the free codes still work?

I can see you can change the skin and driver suit, but is it rather simple or you can you paint it like LFS with tools?

Maybe I should wish for some money to spend on iRacing tonight...

1 year is about 100$? And what happens if you pay for extension after the year ran out?
Yes you download the game, once you pay for it. You must have a valid subscription to race/practice or even log into the forum/website, so you can't play it offline or use the content you buy once your subscription runs out.

Basically you have to do 8 out of the 12 weeks in a season in a series, and you get a max of $10 or something back.

You can use the simple 3 colour pattern picker for your skins/helmets and add some sponsor logos in the website. For more complex stuff you can download templates but there's no viewer like in LFS.
The entire game is accessed through the site. No off line play at all.
No private servers like here either. You can pay more money to host an event for $3 a pop.
There have been annual membership deals for $75 floating around plus some other deals. You have to decide if its worth it.

They still dont have simple things like driver changes??
But you are paying for the quality of the content which is high.
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