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The official Post your Damaged Cars Thread
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The official Post your Damaged Cars Thread just made a whole extra thread just.. for the heck of it.. there is a damage thread you know

guys.. THIS is the new RSC KEEP IT CLEAN!

..we dont want to start off and have millions of threads for just one thing..
Quote :
there is a damage thread you know

I'm blind?
..banger shots is good enough..
happy now? i changed the title, now we dont have to hijack the banger racing thread.
I think that people post their own thread is fine for now... but at least it isn't a thread for everyone's post. We have no designated thread, so might be a good idea to do that. ... like some people have already done with the 3D renders and such
a Breakdance@180Km/h
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Posted this originally to RSC:

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a Breakdance@180Km/h

Very nice to see you try to avoid him too (yes, sarcasm)
haha tag
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hey guys.. i was wondering if i can make a skin in Paint?? and if i cant how do i make a skin all together.. what file would i need to take out of the data folder to make a skin??
Where the hell did that come from!? Yes you can. Just go into lfs/data/skins and take a blank skin and do what you would like, then save it in the skins folder with a different name such as xrt_mine
exhaust doesnt seem to damage in the RB4
The exhaust doesnt damage on any vehicle, atm =/
I'm sure I've seen the end of them go spikey. Not sure which car(s) though
it damages on every car but the RB4 IIRC
look at my smelly feet

it was a doozy
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That last one is cool, what happened?
Quote from Roadie :ehehe, crash AI pwnage...

Watch AI 3... down the strech of blackwood on lap 2.. he gets murdered.

Bwahahahaha! That replay is awesome. I've never setup jumps on the track like that, but just might have to!
Someone somewhere said that he/she has never seen broken glass in LFS well i saw...just look at my dash.
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Quote from Blackout :That last one is cool, what happened?

There's a pit wall at KY GP Reverse that you can drive through - right near the line where you turn off the limiter. It's the concrete barrier that closes off the gap between the walls of the pits and start/finish straight. Just drive through it 5 - 6 times and then when you go through the solid walls dividing the pits and start/finish the car launches and suffers huge damage

Actually, the above pitcure with my car doing 441 is the spot but going the wrong direction to were you enter.

Another pic...

The official Post your Damaged Cars Thread
(997 posts, started )