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Post your CTRL+V
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Post your CTRL+V
This thread is simple, just post your CTRL+V.
Please do not edit it any way and let it be like it is

this is mine: [url]file:///C:/Program%20Files/Activision%20Value/Street%20Legal%20Racing/cars/racers/scripts/[/url]
#2 - Jakg
"NOW i start the stalking - what are you wearing underneath *dodgy wink*?"

z-z-z-z0mg that is so out of context
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... I don't know either.
glTranslatef( m_datumPoint_m.x, m_datumPoint_m.z, m_datumPoint_m.y );
euhm incase i missed the point of the topic, what i it?
You post whatever text you had stored in your clipboard and get +1 to your postcount.
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#9 - TiJay
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No, it wasn't really that, it was an IP XD
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lol.. that's big.. i didnt even know that i copied that..
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Try ROJ1612

I was asking a friend to try that as a numberplate on the RAC car search no results found, hehe

Post your CTRL+V
(2583 posts, started )