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lfs needs a suv ?
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lfs needs a suv ?
lfs really needs a suv or a pickup or a monster truck lol

if u agree say
if u dont agree say :gt:

greetz spikey -=-0

No it doesn't "lol"
Mhhh no

Monster truck will be totaly useless. It will cost a high among of developing time and we only use one or two time. It's a RACING sim, do you imagine a race with monster truck on BL1 ??

For the suv i'm not for but why not, it comes more in the field of racing since we have cross races. Anyway there is a topic to suggest cars. It's a great topic, people come to post there wonderfull idea a milion time proposed before thinking its revolutionary and nobody care about it or at least read it
An suv like Leonard?
they have moster truck races and yes they are insane. I would vote for it, but only after about 1,000,000 other improvments are made.
suv? a helicopter would be of higher priority
Would be fun to have a car like that in LFS, but still.. it would not fit in. There currently are only race cars in LFS, and if you put in a monster truck...well lol then it`s simply not fitting in any of the other car classes.
What LFS really need's is a auto-search-for-threadsubject-and-post-before-creating-new-thread-script. Then everybody will be happy and will post in the "Cars we want to see in S3"-thread instead of creating 3000 different thread's on which car they want in.
If they add an SUV they need to add a barbers drivers model.
Oh yeah! just what's needed! A bunch of Chelsea Tractors™ running around a race track.

Should they come with dappy tarts that can't drive for beans too? and 6 screaming kids in the back?


Someone want to see more flips (as if LFS doesn't have enough)
this kegety's mclaren would be good for lfs
and LFS needs Lamborgini
U can start supporting the devs by getting a S2 License.
devs will never add thees cars in LFS, so i will not suport devs
then dont play LFS demo because you otherwise still support the devs.
i didint suport themand i will not suportthem (i think) i got for free
you play their creation same as supporting them.
These MCLaren's looks so sweet with LFS background! mmmmm...
LFS Definetly needs McLaren!


Sry offtopick!
i agree

#24 - wark
Quote from mxpxun :and LFS needs Lamborgini

Like these?

Kidding. -1 (FZ5 is more than enough of a whale for me).
Quote from wark :Like these?

Kidding. -1 (FZ5 is more than enough of a whale for me).

thats ****ing nice :O soorie for my language

lfs needs a suv ?
(106 posts, started )