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Post Your [LFS] Wallpapers!
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wicked wall papers guys this is mine
wow nice one fletch
Using a new LFSW wall with a new 'chopping effect.
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LFSW wall.jpg

Bigger in the attachment.
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Wallpaper redesigned copia.jpg
Quote from Lynce :Preview:

Bigger in the attachment.

prety nice, maybe if u could add a silhouette of a car it would look nicer.
But since its a preveiw i want to see what u come up with first.
Made this one as my new Wallpaper:

Lol, I like that old-school style pic, but are those really your headlight dds?
Hehe... No, I made the dds only for this pic...
sorry to be picky, but surely the tape would be on the glass thats OUTSIDE the sealed unit (otherwise its like he took apart the headlights, taped them, and reinstalled), dunno if you can achieve this with DDS tho?
here is mine
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xrt meu2.jpg
Quote from leonardo555 :here is mine

Thats a render, not a wallpaper. I think is better if you post it in 3D LFS Renders btw Nice car !
Quote from stickylfs :Thats a render, not a wallpaper. I think is better if you post it in 3D LFS Renders btw Nice car !

oh ok. i use this one how my wallpaper, but i'll post another image if u want
A fast wallpaper from me.
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RJT Wallpaper
Last one is lovely

Quote from leonardo555 :here is mine

Smoke is alright but fail on the wheel spin... also the driver is abit bright for hte around color. But good idea/try. If you want i can show you the tut on wheel spin and how to fix the driver thing.
Quote from BlueFlame :Well instead of whining at people, turn the images off, afterall, it was a huge picture that was posted anyway. So it's as much his fault as mine.

He don't whine, smart ass, he's just saying him don't quote the damn post with images.
And idc why you're even telling he don't have to say him what to do coz he's 4yo on this forum....
Very simple, but I like it
thnx Lynce for providing high res logo.
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I like this ! :cool:
This is an Edit of an Edit of an Edit i made :P haha
I made seperate screenshots, which i Edited into a Panorama, Which i then Edited with the blur etc, and then i went in and Edited the FZ5 in Illustrator. (It's part of a school assignment )

The full poster is on A3 size, and i also have it as my current Desktop Background. I also ordered a shirt with the FZ5 only

// \\ Was the image before i made that FZ5

Edit: I can't upload the fullsize image anywhere So you can't see the nice carbon patterns etc
Edit Edit: I've uploaded my 1440x900 version, which is pretty nice also, I think :P
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Post Your [LFS] Wallpapers!
(520 posts, started )