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Marked starting position in pre-race screen
It would be great to have the starting position marked in the menu, since it could be easily seen how many ppl are in, and who is where on the grid. For example, in the hungarian league, after ending the qualification (because of setting wind and stuff) we join in order of the results, and often ppl dont know where they really are on the grid. It wouldnt be hard to memorize the guy in front of you, but it seems its not that easy for some. Picture attached.
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Do want!1 - on a more serius note, this would be quite nice to have in LFS And while bumping an almost two year old thread, lets get wild - how about reworking the whole start grid menu - instead of a straight list there would be fields, empty squares for example, where players could "drag themselves" in ( or just click the join button to join the first unoccupied slot) - admins could turn the "player join" feature off, so only they can drag the players to their staring positions - very usefull for a league. And how about adding an option to save the results of qualifying to a file, which then could be simply loaded and LFS would set up the starting grid according to the results :P
Wow... that's quite a bump..

I guess +1.
InSim can already do all of these

Try Marco Mark's Grid Order to re-order the grid, or you could request a custom program to save results of qualifying sessions/previous races and re-order the grid as needed. I know having it in InSim isn't the same as having a button to do it in LFS, but it can still be done
Here comes the huge bump!

This feature should be easy to implement, yet so useful in some situations. Please