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Dammit :banghead:
I know who cut Gills' hair. He.
a female hairdresser from gillingham..............shouldn't be too hard to find
Can I have yo' number?
Quote from S14 DRIFT :Can I have yo' number?

who? me, gills or gills female hairdresser from gillingham?
All of you. It's a big hair orgy..
my number will remain secret :mischievo
Quote from G!NhO :my number will remain secret :mischievo

Because you dont have one, right?
Quote from Takumi_lfs :Because you dont have one, right?

He has to share one with the rest of the manic people at the crazy asylum
i do have one
Wow! Are you serious?

Is this your phone?

yes!!! thats it!
I thought that this thread was the "Inevitable picture thread".

Stupid me
who is that in your avatar?
Me Again

are you G!NhO? if so > lol
Breakdowns: Only in a Jeep > LOL
Quote from G!NhO :is that a moped?...............if so > lol

guessing it's an nsr125, but obviously can't really tell 'cuz of the angle.
Oh god, myspace hoes.

Remember the one where the girl forgot to flush the loo?

Post Your Face:)
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