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Quote from G!NhO :can i haz teh phone numer of your hair chopper??

Short answer; no.

Dammit :banghead:
I know who cut Gills' hair. He.
a female hairdresser from gillingham..............shouldn't be too hard to find
Can I have yo' number?
Quote from S14 DRIFT :Can I have yo' number?

who? me, gills or gills female hairdresser from gillingham?
All of you. It's a big hair orgy..
my number will remain secret :mischievo
Quote from G!NhO :my number will remain secret :mischievo

Because you dont have one, right?
Quote from Takumi_lfs :Because you dont have one, right?

He has to share one with the rest of the manic people at the crazy asylum
i do have one
Wow! Are you serious?

Is this your phone?

yes!!! thats it!
I thought that this thread was the "Inevitable picture thread".

Stupid me
who is that in your avatar?
Me Again

are you G!NhO? if so > lol
Breakdowns: Only in a Jeep > LOL
Quote from G!NhO :is that a moped?...............if so > lol

guessing it's an nsr125, but obviously can't really tell 'cuz of the angle.

Post Your Face:)
(5149 posts, started )