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Quote from logitekg25 :you got it right

i posted because i thought the only model was what i posted, fuse picked an argument for fun

you got it all wrong
im not picking an argument
im just making fun of you
huge difference there ^__^
Quote from Fuse5 :you got it all wrong
im a twat
so i was making fun of you for no reason
im an internet tough guy ^__^

logitekg25, you look like the twat here.
got my hair cut today, i've had it long for quite a long time now and finally got bored
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A little bored.

Quote from E.Reiljans :ur cute

Thank you.

I don't think I have this so-called soul eating look on my face. Or do I?
so for attempting to correct somebody, then getting proven wrong and accepting that, but stating my reason for believing what i thought im the twat?

if so fine, but i fail to see how..

Find Erik
A picture that tell the usually story of saturdays, when your so drunk you canot even remember who the **** yourself are
That makes for an epic background
Fues pls
On the left obviously.
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IMG_0179 - Copy+.jpg
There is pink stuff in my hair.
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patrolling the lfs forums

Trying to do the same.
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i'd like to see some comparison pictures of you before and after consuming that very fine choice of beverage.
If you search around in the various bits and cornes of this forum you will find some pictures of me after some amount of alcohol
... but i'd love to see new ones.
Managed to troll my way into the background of my friends photo. I wasn't sure if it would blur me out but turned out pretty successful!

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