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Quote from The Very End :Seriously, why, just WHY? Klutch has his own style, I admit I could never enjoy using a style like that but that's HIS god damn choise why you we have to have 20 people telling him what he should like and what's not.
Sure, Klutch sometimes put himself in a difficoult spot when we start talking about girls we like, and that he might is a little "sharp in th edges" in dicussions, but seriously, let him be.

Now stop, and go back topic. Everything have their own taste, deal with it.

And J03130, for that post I'll wreck you next time I see you on a server


seriously guys, calm down a little bit, maybe we should all organise to make fun of one person, and see how they like it (without them knowing the planning of corse :razz

that was a joke
(J03130) DELETED by J03130
(J03130) DELETED by J03130
3 sig quotes in under a week? Score!
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cute, fredrik!

oh, and well... my basement is free of any climbing areas or kidnapped girls.
are you driving fbm there?

i guess during the NDR MFBM series
Thx Bio, your quite the cutiepie yourself

And yeah its the FBM, but no its not in the fbm series. This photo was taken in the summer (therefore the shorts)
I have same headsets atm(assuming those are Steelseries 5Hv2 :P)
Yes they are..However, they got screwed somehow, so i'm using some creative fatal1ty ones atm. Which are pretty nice
Yes. When you join CoRe, you learn magic! Its true.
i have to join it then

nah just joking xD
Quote from audimasta :Chllin'

i must say you have an aweosme seat only awesome people would own that seat
Taken today.

From new years party
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Quote from BastianB :From new years party

*Gasps* hes smoking everyone!!! nah i cant say shit i smoke too thought id just get it out the way b4 a noob starts a pointless flame war xD
Nothing wrong with a cheeky ciggy to calm the nerves. :banana_ra

Well there probably are things wrong with it, but I lets not drag this out. Too late, this is dragging out isn't it. I'm going to stop typing now.
Smoking is bad!!!
Apart from when it's weed
That shit is pure WIN!
Quote from Migz :Smoking is bad!!!
Apart from when it's weed
That shit is pure WIN!

i do both...maybe thats y im up at 3am high as hell xD
lol im a straight edge 0
its all good, il be laughing in the end.....either that or i will be 'that guy'

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