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Haha, well, no we do not normally do that
The short true story is that it was an training. We did enter a container area with temperatures varying from 50-200C, aim was to work in heat to show and feel the effect of it on your body. The obejective were to move 4 sandbags (aprox 40-50kg weight each) from the bottom floor to the top floor in the container area.
For the ones that know how it's like working with equiptment of 20-30kg on your back, ocygen masks / flasks, in high temperaturs, know that it's completely bastard hard lol.

My aim was not to brag, just to tell you the story behind the picture =)
Firefighters are so damn hot!

Are you single?
And ready to mingle baby!
i'd tap tor.

Out clubbing with my girlfriend. (It was rave in a rainforest night, so there were people doing facepainting there!)

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Two weeks after the concert and this is the only picture I have.
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You GOTTA introduce me to the girl far right in the corner!
At least gimme her FB info so I can stalk her!

Edit: Not emofag. Just "havnt washed my head for half a week" and some weird editing.

Edit2: Swapped the first pic with another one that has a little more tuning done to it.
dark and moody oh you are so mysterious.
hazaky y u keep posting
thats not what a 6month ban means
Quote from Fuse5 :hazaky y u keep posting
thats not what a 6month ban means

fuse y u keep bothering? lol
dont u have ur own problems to worry about?
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Dead-drunk at nightclub on second pic (as you can assume on my red eyes and akward face ).

edit* sry for the poor ps skill on first pic, had to remove my lad on it (didn't allow to post it if she stays on it)
hi there.

bunch of homos.
all those are aimed at you üllar

fuk Seb and his chin that could bring brick walls down >_<
come at me bro
Quote from Seb66 :come at me bro

face or stomach?

ill approach from the rear, dat chin
youve got great prerequisites for becoming a racing driver, thats for sure
Quote from Fuse5 :all those are aimed at you üllar

Can't compete with sebs' chin.
casually holding my phone
in a way i cannot comprehend in hindsight
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