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hi all,
on sunday me, swifty from [tsr], scotty from [4SR] and tristancliffe from vMax are going karting in northampton, so if anyone else wants to come add my MSN

its just a little event for fun but we will probably be holding a big LFS karting event with presentations, meet up etc etc later in the year. come for praccy

Later on in the years event will probably be an endurance, with team members from LFS pairing up in real life.
That'd be neat, but im not in europe :P. Are you talking about rental karts though?
yea only rental karts, just for a laugh. a fleet of proper karts would cost like 50k for 20 peeps
Well, only Will (Senna) and I turned up. We took some photos, and a few short movies, which I will post here tomorrow (it's 11:03pm, I've just driven back from Will's (2 hours) and had my tea. And I'm knackered cos I had little sleep over the weekend. So you can ALL wait.


No hacksawing this time.
well, that was only the test event
and i thought it was pretty fun!
#6 - AndyC
Did you have a good day then ? If I get the chance i'll come next time with a few of my mates otherwise ya can just get yaself up north

Here's some photos (sorry about this - there's a few, and we're only allowed 3 per post...).
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More. Turns out you can have 5 maximum, but 3 first, then 2 afterwards. Odd...
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Bah, too big. Grr @ 2MB limit (although I can see it's virtue).
dammint so wish I could of come in the end.

You two up for going again in a few months maybe?
BTW if anyone is wondering what tristan looks like in a kart, sorry i cant show u, his camera was dodgey (my excuse) and i got lots of lovely pictures like these ROFL (of the floor)

The 3rd one is of tristan winning a heat
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:O My camera is, as you said at the time, great, so don't start with the racing driver style excuses... :P

Probably good I'm not in much, cos Fordman would just make an embarrasing movie out of it...

The only movie under 2MB (but zipped) (my camera saves as .mov, which I convert to wmv for it's smaller size. Could make these smaller, but I can't be bothered to make lower quality versions just for

Edit: Hurrah - compressed this one for you all, as it's Will with his face plastered with a cheesy grin. He'd just come 2nd to a 10 year old (with a 5 stone weight defecit mind).
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Quote from snewham :dammint so wish I could of come in the end.

You two up for going again in a few months maybe?

rofl, it was the fact that i knew u were videoing me

why dont u post the vid of the start hehehee
Okay, this one is the start of the race he finished second in to the youngster. In fact, this is the start and the pass. Look how last the guys in 2nd gets off the grid, simply cos he is lighter. Will was faster over a lap, but slower down to T1, and couldn't pass him (he stayed in the middle of the track all the way around).

And a new photo
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hehe hamster powered karts

Big hamsters though :P
the karts have 5.5BHP

BHP = Big Hamster Power
I used to race a water cooled 30 bhp, 125cc Rotax Max kart. So it is a hamster power kart
I attach a picture of the last kart I owned. Although its from 2002 my last year racing karts

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Doesnt matter about the power of the karts, we only went to have fun

The senior rotax is 28hp (Junior 20hp) in its standard form, what chassis is that? thats hamster compared to a F1 car, but the racing is closer!
hey I was only joking about with the hamster thing My first year in karting was in the cadet class which was a honda engined thing (probaly the same engine in them hire karts)

It's a swiss hutless. A very nice kart to drive

hmm, the engine u used was probably a 120cc Honda, instead of the 2 stroke 60cc Comer engine. Hondas have much nicer bottom end power, being 4 strokes. Cadet is a good class to learn.

The difference here is weight, your cadet probably did about 50mph - 55mph, i think the weigh limit was 95kg including driver, am i correct? where as these GP karts probably are approaching 200kg with driver, and can only reach about 40mph.

the swiss hutless have always been quick, the build quality has been a little shoddy of late, drive it for a few laps, everything has vibrated off, and all u r left holding is the wheel
hehe, sounds like you two had a great time there. Just can't wait until the UK Karting meet in october.

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