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TR Season 1 - New LFS Video!
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#1 - Imphy
TR Season 1 - New LFS Video!
EDIT: Download links updated 13th October 2008!


I've just released a video of Season 1 from a swedish race series called Torsdagsrace (Thursday Race). Video is in english though

NEW: HiRes High Quality (800x450 - 10mbps xvid 742MB) ... ps_HQ_9988xvid_256mp3.avi

HiRes Medium Quality (800x450 - 4mbps xvid 304MB) ... ps_MQ_4000xvid_192mp3.avi

MidRes Medium Quality (400x224 - 2mbps xvid 156MB) ... ps_MQ_2000xvid_160mp3.avi



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Underbart! Härligt! Fantastisk!

This is easily the best LFS video I have ever seen. Fantastic camera angles, wonderful editing, nice effects (not overdone), fitting music, perfect frame rate - in short; perfect!

Thanks for all your effort on this, I really enjoyed watching it.
Woohoo, Machinae Supremacy, bonus points for that (got both thier albums)
Excellent FPS and cameras but I found it too long and thus a little boring. And I think the enginesounds should've been muted. I like it though
Yea, I love this one. One of the best I've ever seen. Excellent work!
some views are really nice but some are boring. Maybe this video should be shorter.

This is one of the best LFS movies I have ever seen!
Great job!! 10/10
Very nice, only music causes me headaches... 9/10, very nice.
#9 - Vain
Propably the best. 10/10

The intro-sequence was extremely well done. Music and video matched perfectly. Big from me.

10/10 , lovely, think it is better for use who race in the Thursday Race, but damn, extremly well done mate!
I have to agree, very, very nicely done! It should be used as a recruiting tool to bring new drivers into the fold. Which is why it's on my hard drive now!!

From now on when I am trying to explain my hobby to people and get them to understand the difference between a game and a simulator this video will be worth a thousand words for sure.

Can't praise this enough, Bravo!!!!:bowdown:
Thank you for all the kind comments - I am really happy they're mostly positive

It is difficult to please everyone (in terms of music choice, length etc) but I can agree that it may be a bit on the long side (it was originally only going to be 5 minutes) - as Anserius pointed out it was created with the "Thursday Race" community in mind to remember the first season but then I wanted to share it here for other to hopefully enjoy.

And Montoyafan, I've had the same problem explaining to people that you actually RACE in LFS and it should never be compared to arcade games

Once again, thanks!
Thank you for bringing this to us, I enjoyed it a great deal.
What a great video. It had a little bit of an old school sega vibe to it, which is awesome. Keep up the good work! I also love that you left the in-game sound.
Very nice video!
And nice music!

Oh my god !

First of all, I have downloaded HI RES MQ version, watched and... yeah, watched it once again
I have seen many, many ( not only ) LFS movies, rated them etc. but none of them was good enough to get my top note but this movie has changed something. It isn't 10/10 on my scale but 9.8/10 which is stunning ( I can't belive I actually have rated it such high ) .

Only few movies ( I swear I could count them down on the fingers of my both hands ) could reach 9.5 and none of them 9.8 !
I admit, I have watched it for the third time to look carefully, to spot anything I didn't like about this movie - and I have failed :tired:
From now on, this movie is my N.1 in my entire LFS movies collection which is over 84 GB big.

So, respect to you Imphy and from me you get rating 9.8/10 for your movie also, this thread is rated by me ( also by me ) as excellent

TOP JOB ( and skills ) mate
very nice
maybe a bit too long but otherwise its nice ... love the magical sound shower mix in there
:jawdrop: :jawdrop: :jawdrop:


very long but so good i didnt get boared 1 bit! ive watched it 12 times now!
in my scale is 9/10, a bit boring in the end but also good!
#20 - Nard

That was awesome...

Easily wins my heart for the favorite LFS movie spot.

Geez, aside some small flaws I found, and the aparent jagged movements of the cars due to server lag, wow, this is a 9.5+/10 for me.

Oh my, I'm watching it over and over.

The music wasn't spot-on, but hey you can't please 'em all...
sorry - double post
Stregone >> Yes, I felt that the chip-style music merged with the rock would suit the video and bring back memories for some =)

KeMoT >> You seem to have watched and reviewed a lot of stuff and your site is top-notch so thank you for your kind rating - happy to hear that it reached No.1 and I'll see if I can't squeeze out the last 0.2 with the next TR S2 video

Nard >> Yeah, the online lag is difficult to get away from - and I am aware of two spaces missing in the "other races during the season" secion and they bug me Other things could probably have been refined as well but never mind.

Frokki>> "The music wasn't spot-on, but hey you can't please 'em all..." -- I see that you have Crazy Frog as your avatar so I'll take this as a compliment Thanks for your rating though!

And to you others that have commented - it's with this type of feedback you get motivated to produce more videos. Thank you all!

very awsome video man! good to see somebody using the sound to create such a great atmosphere! it's a bit long but not too long.
Great stuff -bravo-
Very impressive editing.

TR Season 1 - New LFS Video!
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