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Quote from turbofan :I hated bavarias until I drove Houssem's, he builds them by the book as much as he can and they handle amazing. Just try them.
Top job. Houssem president.

Try Bummer 7 by superlame Wink
I tried bummer 7, yes it is well made graphically but I didnt get anything close to the feeling of houssem's cars.
Also bummer is public so why do u even mention it here ? hmmm
I should have restrained myself to comment on houssem's car because then it would attract noise makers ? baaahhh not nice.
Quote from versiu :Try Bummer 7 by superlame Wink

Are you joking? That mod is nowhere close houssem's mod
Please keep it on topic, this is the test patch thread.
Someone tried the latest version 0.7E8 on multiplayer already? If I try to connect to my server I get an OOS - CAR error message. The connection is closed then.

The previous version 0.7E7 works fine to me before.

Events in activity log
Mar 07 19:18:50 Sent host info to new guest
Mar 07 19:18:50 Sent new user packet
Mar 07 19:18:50 {xy} connected (xy)
Mar 07 19:18:59 › xy : OOS - CAR
Mar 07 19:19:00 Leave @ 102269495 : {xy}

Real user and player name replaced. Smile

And yes, the server is now also restartet. Issue still there.
I've been joining servers fine.

Which car were you using?

I'm sure a lot of people have used it online as it is on the auto updater, but this is the first report of an OOS.
Sorry - Looks like with the installation was something wrong. Reinstalled 0.7E and now with the current test patch. Connecting works fine now, too.
Just one more off topic comment from me, in case anyone missed this.

Mods that do not have public access will not be approved.

Approval is for public mods only.
Can you give us a bit of detail on the collision system? I'm trying to figure out how to make a (object) closed parking lot without people flying away. Is it possible and what should I change to make it work? The drawings are LOD2 from top TOP view and LOD2 also has a roof. (which is Level 2 for more parking spaces - tested before, but removed for now)

EDIT: Park Lot ID is B75489 if you have time for a quick peek at any point and give a suggestion. (there isn't a rush, just struggling to find the right path)

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No, it's not possible.

This is not related to the test patch so that's as far as my answer will go.

Please do not use the test patch thread to talk about things unrelated to the test patch.
Test Patch E9 includes updated controller support.

Changes in E9:

Input range improvements:

The full resolution reported by the controller is now supported
- previously drivers were instructed to report -1000 to 1000
- controllers we tested report values 0 to 65535
- so steering wheel moves in smaller steps
The range adjusters in controller options now use percentage values
- the range defaults replicate previously default in-game behaviour
- previously brake/throttle/handbrake/clutch axes had a dead zone
- the dead zones were not adjustable by the user but now are
- the axes visible in game now match the options screen

Support for mod approval:

WIP filter is available on the mod selection screen


More translations updated! Thanks to the translators Thumbs up

when using combined throttle/brake axes with mouse Y as input, the invert button doesnt seems to work
Quote from PedroXDBR :when using combined throttle/brake axes with mouse Y as input, the invert button...

The range is not customizable also.
There seems to be a glitch in the 7e9 test patch. I'm playing on the axis. But after the last update, there is something strange in my axis settings.When I push the mouse forward, instead of giving gas, it does the opposite and presses the brake. inversion not working
Quote from racerss :The range is not customizable also.

It's an interesting thought.

First to say that, apart from the bug that is now fixed, nothing has changed with the mouse axes. Their range can only be set by the multipliers on the right, and not by using numbers in the range columns that the other axes use.

But I'm wondering now if they should be changed to use the same system as the other axes, and delete the extra multipliers.

I don't really know why they are different, it's probably do do with the order of development back ion the past. But maybe they should be unified now, it might be quite simple. But maybe people are happy with the multipliers and I could just leave it.
For mouse steering all you need is sensitivity adjustment.That you have already with multipliers, just allow range of values like from 0.1 to 10.0 at least. Mouse is different than controller axis, no need to unify it. Its sensitivity depends on many things, DPI, screen resolution, windows sensitivity slider. Having independent X,Y mouse multipliers in LFS is more than enough.
Hello scawen, you added adjustable axis percentage. Clutch feels a bit better now but most of the pedal is not doing anything. Would please make the bite point of clutch bigger since hard to drive manual cars smoothly.
Just change the upper limit to 100%, the default value is 65%. That should streach the bite point a little bit.
only a bit, still pretty hard.
Well, yeah, it is what it is at the moment.

I think we should let Scawen to start working on other things. The clutch bite point is not of a big priority anyway and it's not related to this test patch. It's an old legacy thing, we can disscus it in another thread for "launch control".
I'll probably get shout at for posting something "off-topic", however, since controllers are on the table I at least would like to ask if XInput would be possible at some point to have a more direct access to the axes.

The background is simple: I'm using the XBox One controller (as many do) and it's impossible to use the accelerator & brake at the same time as the OS only reports one combined axis. Many other games can do that as they use XInput instead of DirectInput.
It's really not on topic as it's a completely different interface.

By the way, my own Xbox controller reports separate axes through Direct Input.

The problem you report is really a Microsoft bug.

I can't imagine that it would be easy to implement the new interface, maybe even impossible with the old compiler used for the public version. Anyway, it's a really big task and I'm 99% certain this will never be implemented into the old version of LFS.
Test Patch E11:


Layout Square cameras now have 40m height instead of 4m
Reduced jiggling of names above cars at extreme zoom
Improved accuracy of camera rotation at extreme zoom




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