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3D LFS renders
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Doesn't look too bad but the smoothing groupe for the hood needs to be changed.
its my first real modleing project ill try to fix the hood`s smothing in a few minutes
Hood (bonnet), front of wings, rear edge of doors, lamps... Needs a bit of work at the moment. Nice wheel material though!
ill fix it now (my mom made my paint the house lol)
I'm glad the UK doesn't have many wooden houses.

Here's a Volvo 850 Cop car I converted from .lwo into .3ds, bloody thing makes 3ds lag.
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Volvo 850 Police Car.jpg
done now its smooth
could someone help as to why the image behind my car will not fully render with the car, it always stops 1/4 of the way??
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base color is white, altitude is 0 and no material selected.
its in the way of the envonment if you take it off you will see the entire environment
yep cheers, disenabled and all there now thankyou.
Here is a project that I started working on but then realized that I need a bit more practice with object editing before I can finish it. It still looks good so...
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Test render3.png
Quote from teaz-R :Is that your skin or who made it?

One czech friend.. why? Do you like it? His nickname is Chvaty so this is why there is CHKS, chvaty performance its his private skin
Quote from konax :Drift Spec XRT

Very nice. Where did you get that engine from?
@ teazr... stupid skin stealers... making everybody believe the skin is theirs .... damn!
konax you should apply meshsmooth to the radiator fan
Wow. This is insane. Would beat BF1
I wouldn't like to be the driver when that engine blows.

Here's my XFG with Civic engine, also my new skin from a skin pack im working on atm. I might play about with the texture for the motor but dunno when.
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Young Drive XFG.jpg

3D LFS renders
(8487 posts, started )