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3D LFS renders
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Nice render but not my cup of tea, wing screams a little ricer and the grill at the back seems too boxy but i do like the exhausts.
i like second one the most,but your choice
Yah, the second one.

Second FTW
3rd one I don't like those BBS rims, but it's only my personal opinion.
second - best!
i like the first one but imo there´s a bit too much tire on the rim (if you understand what i mean )
Yea it should be thinner. Like I have on BBS RX2. Thanks for the answers.
First!!!! symply love this pic (i like all the others also but the first the most)
Now i got more fre time so i made Advan Racing RGII rim

Done in Blender

Btw what you say about gold material? is it good?

Nice colour and nice rim. I am not into drifting so it is good.
Nicely done Gustavo . Your gold could be golder :P
Sorry for double post.

Volks TE37 and some slicks.

And a dull fazer.

Awesome work mogster

Only i dont like slick material dont know why but thats maybe just for me

FZR looks hot but windows ruins all
Quote from mogster :Sorry for double post.

Volks TE37 and some slicks.

And a dull fazer.

You gotta give me a tut about lighthing
I personally dont like slicks, but the rims are good. Nice FZR you got there.

I finished my FXR and hope to try your rims there, atm I am using BBS RX2.
Thanks guys . Yes I should improve my glass and tire materials. By all means if someone knows how to make those slicks look good, I would like to learn.
Rubber for Monaro works for me from Vraymaterials.

Bose - are you crazy ? Its hard to learn. If anyone gives you a scene which makes perfect render other persons cant use that.

Try to make your scene and adjust lightning and etc. And from google you can find lots of studio adjusting materials. ... rendering-new-beetle.html

Try this, but you never get that result, because we use low subdivision materials. but that guy used high subdivisions.

By getting proper effect means that you know every aspect of your studio.

Practice makes the all better. So work on your studio and not ask help which is quite possible. Whatever studio you use, you can only get the effect right if you know all about it. ... rials/max/studiolighting/

Follow that. I used that. but its still hard to get the right result if I use all like there. So learn learn and try. ... 49/legolazy/6-pp-smal.jpg

Legolaz made about 100 test renders and worked hard to get that result. So by trying 2 times and giving up you cant achieve nothing

Quote from legolaz :ye, if i give you the scene, yes, you will get the same result ( i am not afraid of that) but i made hundreds of test renders, so that i can manage easily with the scene.. you need to know everything in your scene.. "if i turn the light on that angle i will get..." and etc.

Legolaz setup :

And !!!! - I am saying that only once - using lowpoly cars mean twice the work you use for a high poly, because the model isnt that smooth and it has triangle reflections sometimes etc.!!! and people dont use same materials etc.
Quote from mogster :Sorry for double post.

Volks TE37 and some slicks.

And a dull fazer.

nice work, i like it!

where did you find a good resource picture for the bolt(or wtf it's name because in only find some for f1 cars)?
Mogster your works are just awesome..
Do you work with this 3d stuff, because if not you really should try it
Thanks. Hopefully in the near future I will do this for a living.

tikshow: I didn't found any good enough reference pic for this particular rim so it was mostly improvised.
PMU SuperGT FZR vs Mig31

greetz caoz
wow is this really completely rendered? this looks more like some edited pic, great stuff again

3D LFS renders
(8487 posts, started )