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3D LFS renders
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just put it straight,like the stock exhaust,and the exhaust is made by me
Mickyc, well it looks very well for ''newbie'' renders. I'm newbie tho, but can you pls PM me about parts ? Where you get em ? Thanks !
Quote from mickyc30 :i donno how to get rid of the noise, im just a newbie at rendering, and yeah the chrome on the exhaust isnt really chrome, does anyone have a better chrome texture?

Noise will be down to the samples used for the shadows (can't remember where to change this with brazil). You'll need to increase the shadow sample value and it'll generate smoother shadows, but at the cost of rendering time due to it having to do more calculations.


Quote from e2mustang :Just a small update on my new xrt,added the famous e36 m3 like mirrors to it
More to come hopefully

Nice, as always.
Thought i'd make myself a new wallpaper for next month.
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XRT Studio.jpg
Quote from LineR32 :Thought i'd make myself a new wallpaper for next month.

I love it, ure so good at what you do. keep up the good work
Very nice, caoz!
nice caoz!

What you guys think about this? should i leave it like this?
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xrt drift powah.jpg
EXCELENTE MUS!!!! Great work! I like the body kit.
smecksy render csaba. keep it up
hi. just 2 renders of our new team skins, enjoy


my new private Skin.

Had a go at DOF sampling. Going to perfect later on. Used Final DOF for render
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Just added some lights from NFSU supra to the RB4, gonna rebuild them so they look better.
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whats with the bonnet? Got into an accident?
It's a stray Vert, must of moved it when setting up lights.
Quote from Anathema :my new private Skin.

Design dudes are simply out of this league! Amazing as usual.
Quote from Anathema :But the skin is an FZ5.

grr hate when i do do that lol it is hard finding a fzr skin that hasnt already been render ill try to find another skin
Updated my old Street Fighter skin and thought I'd render it.
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Street Fighter XRT.jpg
Quote from LineR32 :Updated my old Street Fighter skin and thought I'd render it.

Awesome work on a skin. Street fighter is the perfect theme for this car. I got some similiar skin myself.
Ok here is my newest render made in Blender

3D LFS renders
(8487 posts, started )