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Menu background
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Menu background
Why LFS decreases menu background quality even if it is on maximum possible resolution for me(17'' LCD monitor) and maximum quality?

Quality is poor. What can we do? How to disable quality decreasing?

Ok, otherwise. Then what image resolution in pixels i should set for LFS menu background? Using 17'' monitor and 1280 x 1024 resolution.
are you sure your 17 inch supports 1280x1024? I mean is it a recommended resolution for it?
You put new backgrounds in, or what? Does it happen with the default backgrounds? As far as I know, the backgrounds are 1024x1024
The menu background is a picture (data/pic/bkg_entry.jpg). It's resolution is 1024x1024 though, so the quality shouldn't look too bad on your resolution. That resolution is quite high though for a 17". My main 19" runs at 1280x720, and my 17" CRT runs at 1152x864. If I run it any higher it becomes unusable

Also, what type of connection are you running to the monitor? If it's VGA that could be where the poor quality is coming from. I haven't gotten poor quality from VGA before, but that's what I read before. DVI or S-Video are the two recommended ones
I have DVI connection. 1280 x 1024 Samsung SyncMaster 710 N LCD Monitor. 6xAA and 4xAF.
Anyway i get poor image quality of menu background.

How is it possible to get such a great background quality in LFS menu like THIS one?
Isn't it just edited to look "artistic" with blurring? And suchandsuch?
use a 2048x2048 pic.
Uximura that resolution makes image quality much better.
It's also the case that default 1024x1024 background is not being used to full extend. It's kind of cropped which makes it even worse in quality.
You could just make some ingame screenshots at 2048x1568 and crop it down to 1568x1568 to get the correct aspect ratio in menu's and gives very decent quality. And don't forget to take screens with AA and AF set to the max
Good luck

Menu background
(9 posts, started )