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keys.pdf translations
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keys.pdf translations
Here are the original files of the key charts placed in the \docs directory.

To create a pdf in your language:
1. Download and install OpenOffice
2. Open the file and start translating
3. Create the pdf file: 'File' -> 'Export as PDF' and save as keys_yourlanguage.pdf

In the export window, choose the following settings:
- Pages: 1
- JPEG compression, 75 % quality
- uncheck "reduce resolution"

And updated original XLS file (opens in Open Office as well) has been provided by Vari lower in this thread :

The files attached here are outdated!
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keys.odt - 390.4 KB - 1078 views
keys_deutsch.odt - 390.8 KB - 1011 views
#2 - Lible
Thank you!
I've updated the files adding the new shift s and shift p commands.
EDITED:should have better read:-(
There were still some keys missing (i, o, shift+o, 5, 6), LFSW sms sending and some info about mouse steer, so I've updated the files again.
can I add arabic language>?
#7 - Lible
Quote from TheSharkB7 :can I add arabic language>?

Go ahead, I can't see any reason the devs wouldn't put it in the game
However LFS itself isn't in Arabic (and can't be done, yet).
Here's the Italian version.
I made it in Excel+PDFCreator.
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Keys_Italiano.pdf - 45.3 KB - 1006 views
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Here's Czech keys.pdf translation.
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keys_Cesky.pdf - 95.7 KB - 735 views
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Scawen, please save that czech PDF into your patch folder. Thanks.

I write because you usually respond on this kind of translations.
Another little update in my pdf...
Thank you. I did not get any post notifications because I had not posted on this thread.

Anyway, I have now saved the Keys_Italiano and Keys_Cesky into my patch docs folder.
Keys - Serbian
#15 - arco
Quote from nesrulz :Here's Serbian Ver. 1.0 (Keys_Serbian.pdf) translation.

Quote from arco :Norwegian version.

Thanks for the Serbian and Norwegian keys.pdf translations.

I've saved them in my patch folder. Please make a new post if there are any updates.
Thanks, got it! :up:
Just a heads-up. I just attached an updated italian "keys.pdf" in my first post.
Thanks, got it :up:
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Thanks! :up:

Saved to my test patch folder.
Vari made an updated English Keys.pdf (there are some new keys in Z25) and included XLS files if anyone wants the original. Both are attached.
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There is 3 - toggle head lights, while it toggles all lights.
oh, yeah but when you turn on the lights of your car do you think "let's switch on my rear lights"? I think "let switch on my head lights" (and of course the rears also light up).

keys.pdf translations
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