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#1 - Lynce
XR GT Veilside Edition by Lynce (XR Addons for XR GT Turbo and GTR, too)
Do you like Veilside performance? with new headlights with realistic glow effect. with new high reslution textures with black and blue performance. New

New sound engine: XRG_Lynce_Veilside.eng

New Skins. Size: 2048 x 2048 and 1024 x 1024. drifting and Veilside Style.

Enjoy. It is free !!

Note very important: All dds files is edited under original dds files. And do not edit for future jobs about XR GT Turbo Ralliart Edition and, more. Thank you very much for understand it. ... 8/XR_GT_Veilside.rar.html

Lynce Digital Art:

Other Addons: RB4 GT Ralliart Edition. Racebout Novitec Edition.
Holy f**k ur interior and lights are awesome!!
Good work man!
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#5 - JEP
Thanks mate, looking good!

#6 - Lynce
Thank you very much, Takumi, for other links
#7 - Lynce
Thanks for all comments and moderators.

I follow working.
Amazing as always Lynce, now I just need to make myself a skin and helmet to match! Great job as always, loving it.
Yeah nice one there
Presentational pic only. No functions.

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Nice as always dude good work
Good Work!
Hey Lynce is there a chance that you make a LHD version of that interior please? I'm a die-hard LHDer so I'd like that. Thanks!
Nice stuff. =)
Nicely done, but it bothers me when the dashboard is so black that it looks like there´s nothing in there. Could you make the dash like grey or light brown. I dont know anything about editing dds so could you make it for me?
hey nice work man the best lights and interior for XRG/XRT EVER ! but as you well know, in patch Z the interiors are all messed up, can you please make something about it ? i really loved you veilside interior, im still using it is bugged but i like it so much that i dont want to take another one, so please fix interior for patch Z !!! and i think all other people il be VERY HAPPY too if you can do this, Thanks !
It is annotated your suggestion, thank you.

É anotada sua sugestão, muito obrigado.
Agree with VENOUM, I also still use your Veilside, but the XFG interior was all messed up so had to change interior for XFG, and the light are definitely the best I've seen.
I love it pls update
I really liked it, but I just realised this is a bumped thread before patch Z came out.
Thanks to all.

After Article of XR GT:

Update Veilside Edition and Sensations in Slowmotion movie.

Looks really nice.
Unfortunately I didn't read all posts down there and didn't make back up of my original .dds files, now my patch Z xrt is yucky.
Someone pls share original LFS files with me? Or Lynce U've adjusted it for patch Z already and share that
Those files are pre Z patch
Quote from N I K I :Those files are pre Z patch

easy friend, go to general talk ( i hope im right ) and then go to patch z and download patch Y to Z, they have all dds you need to use