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LFS Name in disconnect message
A small suggestion, that hopefully isn't that hard to add.

It's to add the LFS Name in the disconnect message, not just the current playername. (The same way as it is in kick/ban-votes).

This will make it easier for admins to ban those that ram people and hurry to disconnect before an admin has gotten the LFS name. (sometime I have to exit from server to look at replay to see who it was, and when the replay is 4 hours, it's really boring )

A small improvement, that hopefully will ease the server admins work, and help keeping the servers nice and clean.
I agree, I've thought that would be quite useful for some time
yep, +1
Yea that would save alot of replay searching
I thought it sounded like a stupid idea at first but no it would be quite useful.
+1. will make things easier for sure.
#8 - joen

I'd be more happy if it said "VTiRoj (VTiRoj) disconnected", the same way it is now for connecting.