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Vehicle mod: EMERGENCY CAR
Details page:

Quote :Emergency vehicle with V8 Engine

Quote :Emergency car.

5.7L V8 Engine
235/55/18 tyres
With 4 configurations:


hope you like my mod, please give your feedback so i can improve the mod.

Love the model, looks great!!!. I just think the numbers are off a bit. Curb weight is 400 Lbs heavier in real life. And the engine specs supposed to be 370Hp 390 Torque. If you want more power that’s fine I agree chase car more power. But it’s American Hemi V8 it should have more torque than Hp
Thanks for the feedback Smile

This mod is not intended to be 100% like the real car, it is only supposed to be a fast car, easy to drive and good for chases
#4 - v2u
Good job! just If you can edit the tyres looks littile big also if you can make it smaller and wider will be good and the rest is amazing.
Drove it again… not really happy with the handling… not happy with the sound. It driver with a lot of under steer. Stock setups are bad in my opinion. And it doesn’t sound like muscle car or feel like one
Quote from martin18 :not happy with the sound. And it doesn’t sound like muscle car or feel like one

Maybe it sounds a bit strange because it has a flat plane v8
Loud Engine =/= better (Version 11, Version 12)

Had to lower engine volume to 3.0 so my ears can actually hear what is going on
#8 - v2u
Good updates, Still the engine so slow Can't even reach the FZ5 Frown If you can make it more hp like 450 will be Very good.
there it is Smile
I think I got it right now, good curves, good straights, maybe with a good setup it can even be better than the fz5 XD
#10 - v2u
Thanks alot!
if you want a realistic engine sound, make it cross plane
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I enabled this option and the engine sound has improved

thanks Smile
I have an idea and I’m going to make you the engine by the end of the week. I’m going to make the 392/scatpack SRT engine 6.4L 485HP 475 FTLB of Torque
oh ty very much Smile
You should make the paint shiny and reflective because now it's matt material. Maybe you forgot, material settings are in cutouts tab. It looks kinda odd this way.
I think I accidentally disabled these options in the mod, thanks for tell me Smile

i'll update
Good job, but if I can make the vehicle's engine power as strong as the FZ5 engine.
It will be very good
the car can keep up with the fz5, the only problem for me is the suspension, I'm not very happy with it...
the car has a bit of oversteer, which I can't correct
This mod is just fantastic! Love the design, we actually had insane police chases with this just a few days ago and it was insane in the Just a ride server ROFL.

Btw do you plan on making other Dodge mods? I would be appreciated if u do. Dodge challenger would be next Big grin
Thank you Smile

I sent the mod to young lfsw:facu23 and he will make the scatpack version of this charger

Quote from CarlosSainz55 :Thank you Smile

I sent the mod to young lfsw:facu23 and he will make the scatpack version of this charger

Sick! Looking forward to it
looks great, but im sure it will be better if you fix the caster degree of the car Tongue
what is the proper caster degree for this car? just a question
Normally, between 5 and 7 is ideal, I suggest you do 6. With deep research, you can learn the real caster angle of the car. Thus, those who have a steering wheel can use the car. Because caster angle directly affects ffb.

While in the editor, in Macpherson suspension types, when the position of the thrust bearing is moved, the angle of the caster changes.

In double wishbone suspension types, in order to adjust the caster angle, it is necessary to make linear first and then adjust the caster angle.

Since your car has Macpherson suspension on the front, you only need to move the thrust bearings and get the correct angles.
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This still drives terrible!!! Add front caster at least +5 degrees not negative Caster. It does Sound a lot better now. Also why are the tires soo stretched? It’s loosing grip and side roll grit. This this a per suit car not a show car

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