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#1 - Rubie
Vehicle mod: DORITO-FD7
Details page:

Quote :RWD Japan car

Quote :Thanks who helped me to make this car.

Thanks E U R O B E A T for detailed tubes.

4 Configrations ( more configrations coming soon )

Track : GT Wing + Sleek Headlight + New Seat + Rollcage
Touge : Stickers + NoWing + New Seat + Pop-up

good mod! and the car sound is accurate. LOVE IT!
Beautiful car. Great job Rubie!
FD7 is such a beautiful car! Good job on mod!
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Looks great sounds great
Very good job but only one complaint. Too low rpm. Needs more like 11k.
hey guys where is the download button i can't find ittttttttttt
Quote from ILIYA_EVO_84 :hey guys where is the download button i can't find ittttttttttt

Because there isn't one! Mods are downloaded through LFS client and are available only with S3 licence!
Your mod is good because its textured and sounds like an rx7
#10 - HX7
It looks so weird that the driver's feet went through the floor...
and the front caliper should be placed behind the wheel as this car have front steering rack
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thanks, fixed.
Car looks and feels great! One caveat to the former is that the seat positions are rather odd -- on the Daily setup the steering wheel is about 1cm away from the seat, whereas on the Track setup the seat is very far back. Also for the default driver position, I have to move the camera quite far back and down which makes the rearview mirror unusable. This is in VR, by the way, which is why seating position is rather important to me.

I enjoy the fact that the daily and track setups feel almost like different cars; I particularly enjoy that the caster angle on Track is 4.5 versus the Daily's 6.0, the latter of which makes the steering quite stiff and forcing me to turn the FFB down to prevent clipping.

Speaking of clipping, while the car audio tone is fantastic, I have to turn the exhaust volume down to about 1.5 to keep it from clipping at any instance of full throttle.

None of this prevents the car from being an absolute joy to drive, though! Loving it.
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This mod is a dream to drive! Only the rear likes to slide out a lot, doesn't matter the changes I make to the set. Maybe something to do with the suspension?
Anyways, great car to drive.
It used to exist, someone in the game told me it had to be taken out for the 3D model was taken from another game or something. Sad, I like this car.

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