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PiranMOTO One-off Events
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#1 - Racon
PiranMOTO One-off Events
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#2 - Racon
Tag Event #1 results are in!

Thanks to all participants of our tester event - it's safe to say we learned a lot from an event setting that were not apparent from sessions on the server! More on future events and their formats to follow.

The honours for this event go to multiple DD winner **RD2** who dominated the event, and scored 1,759 on the best of his *21* runs!

2nd place goes to PiranMOTO's own **Jam 616**, who scored 969 (albiet on a longer run with fewer chasers).

The final spot on the podium is claimed by Race Green's **Mandula**, with 842 points.

Congratulations to the podium!
#3 - Racon

Special event: Choose your own Combos! *(uh-oh)*

We're going to sneak a quick special event into the schedule before we kick off season 7, with our racers choosing the combos. *(what really?)*

Suggest the car/track combinations you'd like to race most on our discord server, we'll all vote on them, and then we'll run the 7 most popular for this week's event. *(oh god no)*

To keep it relatively sane, we'll require that in each combo we must have either a car or track that we've raced before. One new thing at a time! *(well that's something at least)*

If it's a track that's not in the server's !vote menu (list available at, let us know so we can upload and check it in time. *(just no)*

Voting will be open until Weds evening, combos will be announced and readied on server for practice on Thurs. *(we're all going to die)*

Be Brave!
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#4 - Racon
You asked for it, you got it 😉

4 TOC layouts, 2 rounds each for the T16 and the UF Pickup, and many, many, many crossovers 💥🚑 🏁

Tracks loaded in !vote menu, go get 'em!

**CORRECTION: Interval is not as listed... it's Piano!**
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PiranMOTO One-off Events
(4 posts, started )