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Wessex R69SP - A vintage sports prototype
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Wow, just wow! Gonna test this tomorrow night Thumbs up

Looks super awesome
WarrenK is S3 now! Enjoy the mods and Rockingham! Congrats to teeembo you made a sale!
Quote from loopingz :Congrats to teeembo you made a sale!

Excellent - more power to the Devs! Thumbs up
Quote from teeembo :The AI seem to lock the rears under braking ...

I got this wrong...

Doubtless the physics situation contributes as well as the lack off anti-dive (and anti-squat) geometry.

But the AI are locking the FRONTS. Then when they release the brake with some steering angle already applied, the sudden grip causes the rear to come around (I think).

This is happening with other high powered mods on road tyres and so not specific to the R69 and so I cannot do anything - it makes AI racing a bit of an anticlimax when you are battling and then they just lose it.
I like the flat-eight, sounds great and revs to the sky
For those,who missed the livestream,here's video on demand on youtube to see this car in action:

The laptime of 2:31.32 is currently the best known laptime around KY3R track,so feel free to compare your skills with it!
Epic!! I was wondering if my car was being actually RACED? That is what it is for but I accept it is tricky to drive on the limit. I really enjoyed watching this and all of the drivers' skill.

In future I hope to improve the driving experience when the new physics arrive. And also maybe bring out the R74SP with slicks and downforce. 😃

Wessex R69SP - A vintage sports prototype
(33 posts, started )