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69th RTFR XL
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69th RTFR XL

A reminder - server will be password protected 1 hour before qualifying start to keep not knowing crowded server jumpers out of way,pass will be always the same: green

Link to car mod: WESSEX R69SP

Pitting rules:
Race requires a minimum time spent in pitstall of 10 seconds. That can be done either with single pitstop or sum of multiple pitstops. Driver who has spent less time will receive penalty time added to his finish time,which will be calculated by tripling the missing time to complete neccesary minimum time and adding additional 5 seconds. Drivers failing to pit at all will receive 1 minute penalty added to finish time (10s*3 + additional 30s).

Some historic stats:
Last race won by: B2マ Mantas
Last WESSEX R69SP race won by: 1st race using this car
Last Kyoto race won by: [WCL] s1dus Monkey (67th RTFR XL - FZR @ Kyoto GP Long w/Boothy chicane)
Most Kyoto race wins: S1DUS*R.Kardol - 3 wins (Finland - 5 wins)
Current rating leader: [FM]ˆチαtαι (+5 points)

2022 standings after 8 of 12 races (best 10 scores count):
[FM]ˆチαtαι - 149
S1DUS*R.Kardol - 128
YES V. Laguckas - 106
Event rating and other statistics

Server link: Ronys Tuesdays Fun Race
Race Green Discord:
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Onboard Lap of Kyoto Ring with the Wessex R69SP

We're racing tomorrow!

Hell of a challenge tonight for all involved!

1 hour & 17 minutes of struggle with the demonic WessexR69SP!
Rik Kardol wins 3.59 s ahead of Fatass, Unite completes the podium!!

Full Results coming later in the week

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kardol win.png
Official results



Race statistics / RTFR XL .mpr folder / Event rating and other statistics (will be updated during the week)

With addition of mods,the car classes versatility has grown and yesterday RTFR featured first ever race (besides two in the experimental RTFR-CCCC) with sportscar/prototype class car. Unfortunatelly as usually with difficult cars the interest to take the challenge was low,as the lightweight late 60ies/early 70ies sportscar does not feature slick tyres,making the racing difficult. Since it's one of these love it or hate it cars,there were few drivers who enjoyed this challenge,not between those was the one who selected it,shame on you...

The current standings 2nd place owner R.Kardol started from outside of front row and regained his position in 1st lap after losing it due bad start. Later in the race he used leader's mistake and slipped in lead,which he kept until finish line to score his 9th RTFR XL racewin,setting also fastest lap of the race,which is his 8th - both are 2nd highest values in event's history. Besides these,it was also R.Kardol's 32nd top5 finish - he still leads this chart. FM's Fatal was the fastest in qualifying,setting currently fastest known laptime in this combo and scoring his first ever pole position in RTFR XL. He had a great start leaving the competition behind early,but lost the lead after 7 laps due his own mistake and despite trying hard to catch the new leader,he could not keep pace high enough to regain lead and had to settle for 2nd place finish,which is a repeat of his best result in this event,8th top5 finish in Fatal's account. The bottom step on podium was taken by Unite,who had a fair share of advantures until he finished,that's 17th top5 finish for the previous winner. P.Koivunen had a good race running,but lost lots of time on his own mistake,which was also cought on stream - still 4th position is 4 positions better than his previous best finish here,while 3rd place in qualifying was a repeat of best achievement. Top5 was closed by the event host,who was the only driver to finish in same position he started - 27th top5 finish added to his achievements.

This was a race with interesting coincidental numbers for the numerologists - the 69th event was held on a date 6.9. using a car named Wessex R69SP. Unfortunatelly track was more than twice too long to have a chance for 69 laps distance,but surely most drivers were quite tired after 69 minutes of racing,having another difficult 8-9 minutes ahead...

Being the 1st driver to do a non-damage repair motivated pitstop,Unite made also the shortest legal pitstop,spending 10.08 seconds in the pitstall with mechanics just lazily watching the standing car. He was one of 3 drivers not needing any pitwork at all,both others also finished in top5,just in opposite ends.

Gábor used the advantage of being previous race winner to join the race without qualifying. After eventful race he was classified 8th despite not completing last lap,making 10 positions gain between green lights and chequered flag.

VOD at Youtube:

In 4 weeks in the 70th RTFR XL we will race one of the rare S1 combos - LX4 will be raced around Fern Bay's longest standard configuration Black in reversed direction,featuring 27 laps race. Despite still being a handful car,the LX4 surely will be quite a lot simpler to race and therefor more atractive to drivers not liking a difficult challenge. But between now and then there will be at least 3 other events from out side. Next tuesday normal RTFR will return with one of the LFS's standard cars - some might already found info about the combo,rest have to wait patiently until the weekend. But in less than 2 weeks on monday the new era of VERL will start as the 8th season of this league will feature a new car. More infos and signups can be found on VERL forum section,while server with round 1 combo is online and up for testing!
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69th RTFR XL
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