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E-Challenge 2022: Round 3 - Driver's Briefing
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E-Challenge 2022: Round 3 - Driver's Briefing
Round 3, New York - Brooklyn Cruise Terminal

Track Specifications
Circuit Length: 2.230 km | Track Map
Safety Car In-Race Position: End of Pitlane
1st Safety Car Line: 43m before Turn 14
2nd Safety Car Line: 118m before Turn 1
Safety Car Maximum Speed: 80 kph / 49 mph
Virtual Safety Car Maximum Speed: 50 kph / 31 mph
Pit Lane Speed: 50 kph / 31 mph
Red Flag line: In Front of Grid Position 10
Practice Start Location: End of Pitlane, Driver's Left
Penalty Box Location: Past Last Pit Stall
Safety Car Added Time Formula:: 45 seconds per 1 minute of Saftey Car
Virtual Safety Car Added Time Formula:: Duration of VSC Deployment * 0.9

Event Timetable
15:30 UTC: Free Practice - 20 minutes
16:00 UTC: Qualifying 1 - 30 minutes allotted - 1 hotlap
16:35 UTC: Super Pole - 10 minutes - Top 6 from Q1 - 1 hotlap
16:50 UTC: Driver Briefing
17:00 UTC: Race - 45 minutes + 1 lap

Event Specifics

1. Alerting the Administration:
Use @sc to alert administration to look at your car or the section of track you were in when you use the @sc command. The command will tell the administration what location you're at.

2. Communications:
All drivers are required to be in the NDR TeamSpeak server: - Race Control messages will be broadcast to anyone in a channel in the Pit Wall in TS. If you would like a subchannel for your team or friendly drivers, please let us know and we will create one.
Make sure you have your race number and/or your LFS username as your nickname on TeamSpeak

3. Broadcast
This race will be broadcasted by Sim Broadcasts:

They will be in the NDR TeamSpeak. You are invited to be interviewed on stream during the breaks between sessions. Please follow their terms listed at - we will apply those to our Commentary Box area.

4. Driver Naming:
Be sure to be in your proper name format Number, first initial, dot, last name [eg. 00 J. Provost].

The car number must be in white. Your name may be in colour.

5. Practice Starts
Drivers are permitted to take practice starts at the marked spot at the end of the pit lane any time the pit exit is open. Drivers taking practice starts should pull up to the chalk line that marks the spot, and wait for a clear path to take their practice start. Cars in the exit lane have right of way over cars preparing for a practice start.

6. Virtual Safety Car Test
There will be a test Virtual Safety Car deployment in the free practice session, starting about 5 minutes remaining in the session. All drivers are encouraged to participate in this test.

7. Pit Entry and Pit Exit
On pit entry, the blend line may be crossed.
On pit exit, all parts of the car must be to the LEFT of the white blend line.

8. Qualifying Procedure
Cars will be released in small groups to take their hot lap. You will be called to queue at pit exit. Pit exit will open for a limited time each group. Once you cross pit exit (end of the speed limit zone), you are committed to the run. You may only retake a run if you lose connection.

Drivers must not unduly delay other cars or themselves.

Drivers should check the Driver Ballast table in the next post for required ballast to use during Q1.

9. Race Start:
All racers will spawn two places lower than they qualified, the grid presentation car and a rescue car will be stacked ahead of the grid.

Each race will have a grid presentation after the lights turn green. Once this presentation is finished, all drivers will be asked to move up one grid row to their proper starting position.

Once all cars are in place, the start procedure will begin with the 5 second signal.

An insim head-up display will appear, with five darkened lights. After 5 seconds, each light will illuminate red at one second intervals. After a pause of between 3 and 7 seconds, the lights will extinguish and the race will be started.

10. Safety Car:
On Restarts, the Safety Car will pull away from the field after Turn 8. It must not be overtaken before it crosses the 1st Safety Car line.

Overtaking is not permitted on SC restarts until YOU have crossed the start-finish line.

11. Adding Time to the Race
The race is scheduled for 45 minutes, plus one lap. In the event of a Safety Car or Virtual Safety Car, time will be added to the race time, up to a maximum time of 60 minutes plus one lap.

Safety Car:
For each minute of Safety Car, 45 seconds will be added to the race time. For the avoidance of doubt, the duration of the Safety Car will start at the moment of deployment, and end the moment the green flag is waved. Partial minutes will not count.

Virtual Safety Car:
Each second of VSC will be multiplied by 0.9 and that figure added back to the race time after the restart.

No time will be added if the safety car starts with less than 5 minutes remaining in the race.

12. End of Race
After finishing the race, please slow WELL BELOW racing speeds after Turn 1 and proceed to parc ferme,at the end of the pitlane.

Top 3 to the podium, location TBD. P1 is in the middle, P2 is to driver's right, P3 is to driver's left.

Top three and anyone else wishing to be interviewed on the broadcast should join the Commentary Box Waiting Room, and one of the commentators will move you to the Commentary Box.

13. Miscellany:
Do NOT under any circumstances Shift+P or Shift+S from on course during the race without authorization from Race Control.

You do NOT need permission to retire once you are in the pit lane.

If you suffer a lost connection or timeout from the server during the race, you are not permitted to rejoin the race. If you time out during gridding, you may rejoin up until the point the race starts.

Stop & Go penalties may ONLY be taken from the penalty box located at the location noted above.

Please post any procedural questions in this thread.

Good luck!
Jimi Virtanen (gemini 95) 102 kg
Niko Puntola (nikopdr) 66 kg
Dawid Góźdź (texxxas) 44 kg
Pauli Peltokangas (Botswanan Salama) 38 kg
Gábor Gyüre (Viperakecske) 36 kg
Karolis Motiejuitis (Sobis) 24 kg
Jared Meade (jmeade) 24 kg
Eldar Kadrić (eldarone) 20 kg
Pablo Saettone (xpablousky) 16 kg
Isaac Williams (pandakid) 12 kg
Brenno Almeida (btluto) 12 kg
Imran Azhar (BeIleBoy) 8 kg
Pedro Vitor (PedroXDBR) 8 kg
Ramon Hornos (rayman95) 2 kg
Jefin Jacob (redbot_) 2 kg
Adam Brown (k_badam) 2 kg

Anyone who is not in the driver's championship list (new to the series) will have to use 102 kg of ballast.

E-Challenge 2022: Round 3 - Driver's Briefing
(2 posts, started )