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OBSELETE! Blender Ready-To-Render kit Updated for 2.9
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OBSELETE! Blender Ready-To-Render kit Updated for 2.9

This is an updated version of Bogey Jammers old ready to render kit.

All credit goes to Bogey Jammer for the original file!

In 2008 Bogey Jammer posted this rendering kit: (Thanks to Bean0 for hosting the file!)

It has since been the only blender kit avaliable and it's a little dated to say the least.

Therefor I have updated it to work with Cycles; the new rendering engine in blender, and blender 2.9.

You use it in the same way. This does not make the cars look better it only makes you not have to use a really old blender version. Everything is not fixed either. Some cars still have a messed up interior, becuase of broken UV-maps. But all cars look okay in the render. There is also some issue with the windows. It would be nice if someone could fix these issues! Smile

Mirror 1:

Example renders:

How to use:
  • Get blender, I recommend downloading it through Steam.
  • Extract the .zip and open the .blend file.
  • Press the car body and drag and drop the skin you want to use into the window in the middle of the screen. Connect the image texture to the color of the Principled BSDF
  • In the top menu press Render -> Render Image, can be canceled by pressing ESC.
  • Once the render is ready press Image -> Save a copy.
  • Now you have a complete render!
Stuff to tweak:
  • Properties window, Render properties tab:
    Change rendering between CPU and GPU, depending on Computer
    Under Samples, change number of samples. Higher Value = Less noise but slower. Lower Value = More noise but faster render.

  • Scene Properties, change camera. Make sure you choose the correct one, if it says .019 as standard the new camera also needs to end with .019. The numbers need to match.
  • Output Properties, change resolution.
  • I can recommend adding a denoise node in compositing tab. Google how to do this.
Some images showing how to render:
Adding the skin and where the render button is:

Save the render:

Changing camera:

This is mostly made for people to not have to re apply all the materials themselves. You can use this to just steal the cars and make you own scene! All credit goes to Bogey Jammer for the original file!

Feel free to ask for help, report issues, improve the file etc!
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Unfortunately, due to the flaws in the UV mapping, some textures are broken.

But I was wondering if there is any way to migrate objects from the old Blender to the newer Blender without losing the UV mapping.

I saw this site talking about exporting objects to another format. ... rt-in-blender-2-8/1164220

So I wondered if it would be possible to do the following:

1- Open the old model of the car in an old version of Blender.
2 - Export the car models to another format that maintains UV mapping, such as Wavefront OBJ or any other.
3 - Use the newest version of Blender and import these objects.

Would this make it possible to maintain UV mapping in the most current Belnder?

The renders look amazing!

Since you are so keen on getting all the textures right im gonna try to fix that too! Smile

It's not that the UV-maps are wrong, they have just changed. So new textures dont line up. So the easiest fix is to just add the old interior:
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Okay so as suggested by regispicanco updating this file is not really enough. This file is really old and things have changed since. Im going to re do all the cars using this old blender cmx importer: and the technique suggested by regispicanco, exporting to obj to keep materials. I have already done the XRR with the new interior! Everything is not plug to play though. Some UV's still break and I had to re do them manually.

Download XRR blend:

I will probably start a new thread for this project.

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Fantastic. Thank you!
no camera found in scene "scene" appears
ok!!1 thanks!!
yes!!work! but the render appears all black
Quote from d_cury :yes!!work! but the render appears all black

Are you using the newest blender files? from the other thread?

See if you have any light in the scene.

And see the parameter of the Render.

In the image below, I am using "GPU Compute" to render, it is faster. But you can change to CPU to see if it works...

And the last thing... Let's use the new thread. This is an obsolete thread.

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I verified now and the BF1 blender file does not have a light.

You must create a light.
To test, try to render another model.
Try to render FOX. You will only have to create a camera on FOX.

I think you can copy the light (sun) from FOX to BF1, but I dont know how exactly.... Or, you can import the BF1 to FOX and have the 2 cars together.
And ohter thing....

Connect you skin direct to the "Color Base".

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blender texture.png

non lights

i try with 3d studios + brazil

its very nice too

Thanks for providing the support regispicanco, Just one thing, I would recommend using a HDRI for lighting. As that gives more realistic results. Thats what I have added to the other cars, but i must have forgotten for the BF1, sorry!

Edit: after investigating the BF1 has lighting, the issue must only have been how he hooked up the texture.

For other people reading the new version of the files are here:

let's play and let's learn little by little

I need to be able to put backgrounds and floor, in fact I put them but they do not appear, and also raise the level of brightness and contrast

OBSELETE! Blender Ready-To-Render kit Updated for 2.9
(18 posts, started )