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NEW Blend and OBJ Files for All LFS Cars!
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NEW Blend and OBJ Files for All LFS Cars!
By using the old CMX-importer plugin for blender 2.62 by Bogey Jammer: I have managed to get the new interior for GT cars and also update all other cars. I had to fix some UV and make some new materials for this. The Issues from my previous file with the windows and tires are also gone!

The blend file is made in Blender 2.9 and is made for Cycles.

The blend files are basically ready to render. You only need to add the camera yourself.

Mirror 1:

The obj files named something like bf1export1.obj are the unedited ones from the CMX-importer plugin

The obj files named BF1-2021-OBJ.obj are the ones I have edited. I recommend using these.

The blend files are ready to be used for rendering with blender. There is HDRI lighting and a shadow plane added. No cameras.

Example Renders:

Rendering Tutorial: TBA

Post Issues and Questions here!
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It turned out to be really good!

I made a comparison of the old file with this new version and it is possible to see several problems that have been fixed.

Thank you so much!

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2021-05-15 15_38_34-XRR_Comparison.png
Thats pretty cool! Thanks for the comparison! More details than i noticed!
Thanks, now I can finally start a project on making a RB4 GTR version

NEW Blend and OBJ Files for All LFS Cars!
(4 posts, started )