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Still alive?
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#1 - pmw
Still alive?

I noticed that you guys are still racing. And new season starts probably mid May?
I could join again, and try some racing... not gonna be fast tho. But modern racing simulators are pretty boring, and I could play LFS still it's having its last breaths.
Hi pmw Smile
I remember racing on Absolute Beginners servers and your great videos. Greetings Smile
Hi pmw!

There are still 3 rounds left in the current championships (2x restricted racing and 1x S3L league). After this the new season will start, probably early June.

Hope to see you back on track soon!
#4 - pmw
I would love to join, but I have no password for the server... :-P
Quote from pmw :I would love to join, but I have no password for the server... :-P

You've got a pm.
#6 - pmw
Thanks Mazda. It was fun first race, even tho I had wrong settings...

I noticed that I had a pause of 6 years from LFS racing. I'm happy to be back! ...and gonna drive as slow as usual
Great to read you Rob!

What happened with the site web?
The website was outdated and stopped working. Keep an eye on LFS forums while we are working to bring the Absolute Beginners website back to life Wink
On the lfs-wiki there is an entry about AB:

Maybe in the meantime could link there?
Currently I am still not able to race but I could help to add some basic info on the LFS-wiki. (server links etc) Anyone with LFS-account can log into wiki and make edits.

Still alive?
(9 posts, started )