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what do the devs look like?
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lol at bbman
Quote from Ball Bearing Turbo :And Wayne - trust me... The littlest one IS a workout! He turned 3 in April.

Have fun with that. You know what they say about the terrible 2's? Well, that ain't nothin compared with the 3's! You're in for a treat for the next year .

I'm halfway through the 3's. And the older one finished kindergarten. She's playing baseball, we bike ride the trails every Sunday, race LFS together, fly FS9 together... A ton of fun until they get older and no longer like mom and dad, LOL.
Yeah, the older son is 7 so I have a better idea this time around

Good times.
#54 - joen
Wow, how time flies. Leo sure has grown hasn't he? In a few years he will be pwning us all on the track
Quote from joen :Wow, how time flies. Leo sure has grown hasn't he? In a few years he will be pwning us all on the track

I was just thinking the same thing when I saw the (updated) photo album.. Be proud Scawen & Geraldine

Must be scary for Leo, knowing all this people are like following online his education and how he grows and evolves
/me wonders if, when he can read and write, will come here and post under his true name and have a laugh with us about this...
oh my god! Leo has all grown up!!!
Victor driving in a DK Boomtown meeting 2004.
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(UniValvePlums) DELETED by UniValvePlums : Ok, i really didnt mean to bump these threads, as i didnt know that it is wrong, it wont happen again
Talk about arising a thread from the dead, almost 14 years old.
Quote from THE WIZARD DK :@UniValvePlums why do you keep bumping threads more than 10 years old ?

dont you look at the date in the last posts? if not. please do so.

"Joined : 24 May 2020"

Maybe take it easy on him, probably just trying to get involved with the forums and community. No need to be so serious, especially over something as petty as the date on when something was posted. Who cares if it was 10 minutes ago or 10 years ago, it's a new person just trying to fit in here.
There is no rule against posting in an old thread last time I checked. If you don't like that he bumped something old, move on and don't post?
Since this thread is already being flooded with offtopic posts, I will take the opportunity to ask - what exactly is wrong with bumping old threads? Could anyone enlighten me, please? I genuinely have no clue.
I think in some cases (like this thread) it is no problem.
New users have not yet seen those pictures and they are stil of interest.

But for example this thread: about graphic settings and custom textures. It is from 2006: The graphic engine has changed, computers have changed. After 14 years the download-links are obviously no longer relevant or working. Everything is different.
In such case it is better to make a new thread instead of posting in such old thread. There are so many other, newer threads about graphic settings and textures..why choose a thread from 2006?

what do the devs look like?
(63 posts, started )