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Sim Broadcasts - Livestream partner for your sim racing event
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Sim Broadcasts - Livestream partner for your sim racing event

Hello Racers,

In April 2020, we announced Sim Broadcasts, a race commentary and broadcasting service for events and series in Live for Speed. We have since enjoyed a year of fantastic racing, and in November 2020 we completed our 50th broadcast. During the tumultuous year of 2020 we were lucky enough to partner with a number of series organisers to provide coverage of their racing action and are grateful to them for allowing us to develop as a team at the beginning of our own journey.

We thought we would take the time to introduce ourselves properly to make the community aware of what it is we are doing and what we have planned for the future. We also hope to make event and series organisers more aware of how they can book broadcasts for their own races. For those of you who are hearing about us for the first time, we are streaming regularly on the Sim Broadcasts Twitch Channel and you can keep tabs on the races we are covering on our broadcast calendar.

Our Journey So Far

Over the years, many great series have come and gone, some of which will forever exist only in the memories of the drivers who took part in them. The friendships, rivalries and racing drama, lost to time. Of course, back in the heyday of Live for Speed, race organisers such as New Dimension Racing were organising regular coverage of their series, with voices and drivers, whom some of you may be familiar with nowadays in professional motor racing, series organisation and commentary. In more recent times, large series such as CityLiga, which attracted 3 grids worth of drivers on a fortnightly basis would have their own dedicated livestream, capturing the racing action, saving it so that it may be enjoyed again in future. These broadcasts were only made possible thanks to a dedicated team of people close to the core of each of their respective series. There has never been a team of people dedicated to providing live coverage of the action to more than one series at a time in Live for Speed. As such, a lot of great racing action will never be relived. That ends now.

Sim Broadcasts was formed to make event live streaming available to more series than ever before in Live for Speed so that the action may be enjoyed by more than just the drivers, and savoured after the event. Our dedicated team of developers, commentators and videographers have been working to improve the quality of Live for Speed broadcasts, providing a familiar, yet customised viewing experience for a plethora of different series. Now with 60+ broadcasts behind us and partnerships with 9 series organisers, we are able to offer regular coverage of a large variety of different racing action to private and public audiences, promoting series, increasing the participation and exposure of what Live for Speed has to offer.

Our custom broadcast software is in ongoing development, offering a rich viewing experience without distracting you from the action. Our advanced camera system provides a suite of different onboard, track-side and blimp cameras, capturing the racing action from more angles than ever before. We have a number of different projects in the works to improve not only the race broadcasts, but also systems to compliment the racing action for competitors and series organisers, in the form of live-timing and detailed live analysis of the race. We are always on the lookout for feedback and would love to hear what you think of our broadcasts so far, what you have liked, and what you think could be improved. It's still early days for us, but with your help, we are working to continually improve the quality of our service for our audience.

Commentary and Broadcast Services for Event Organisers

If you are organising a racing event, we would love to hear from you, especially if you are considering the idea of sharing the action with the sim racing community. We can cater to any and all racing events in Live for Speed, whether that be a one-off event, a sprint series or a full endurance championship, we would be delighted to work with you. For endurance championships we now offer a highlights package which can provide a summary of a previous round's action for your audience and competitors. During an event we offer expert commentary, custom graphical overlays including a dynamic timing tower, integrated with our advanced camera system as well as a means for drivers and teams to participate in mid and post-race interviews. Your broadcast will be available to watch immediately on Twitch and the following day on our YouTube channel. For a full list of our current services and details on how to request your broadcast, please visit our website.

Sim Broadcasts on the Web

For more information on Sim Broadcasts, and to keep up to date with our shows, livestream replays and news, please follow us on social media and follow/subscribe to us on Twitch and YouTube. We are grateful for your support, now get out there and keep racing!

Fragmaster partnered with Sim Broadcasts for broadcast of our 10 year Fox Friday anniversary 3 hour race. I think it lifted the profile of the race, giving it better overview of action and knowledgeable commentary. As a big bonus, race is avaible for later viewing, so it stays as a nice memory.

The crew is professional and easy to work with, I recommend them to anyone wanting to give their league or an individual race a bit bigger reach and higher profile.
Great project
and congratulations for him I believe he will support a lot on LiveForSpeed ! Smile

Just one thing I didn't realize, is providing support to events leagues paid for free?
I know at least one small league that might be interested.
Quote from joaopaulopt :Just one thing I didn't realize, is providing support to events leagues paid for free?

It is possible that we can do some work for free, however, due to the nature of the service we are providing, we do normally charge for it. We discuss the needs of a project with each client and then create a bespoke contract for them. We are flexible and do not want money to be an obstacle for series organisers. What we ask is that anyone wishing to have their event broadcasted simply get in touch, tell us what they need and we will do our best to accommodate.
Thanks to everyone who joined us yesterday to celebrate 50 Sim Broadcasts. Here's to the next 50 Thumbs up

Thanks for all of your support this year. We have 3 events left before the new year, we hope to see you competing, or joining in the chat festivities during these if you can!

Happy holidays!

Our 2021 Preview Show kicks off in just over an hour. We're announcing our new regular championship coverage and more over on from 19:00 UTC tonight, we hope you can join us!


I've watched couple events which have used this as a Livestream partner and I'm really impressed how well you handle these events Smile

However, I have couple questions about this.

1) On your website (, you mention that there will be Live Timing coming soon. Is this going to be something similar to Wollet/Boothy/MoE-tracker (

2) Degats mentioned that this broadcast software will be released to public at some point in the future ( If that's the case, could it be possible to use this software with AI's as well so it would be possible to use this both in Single Player and Multiplayer-modes (similarly how can you use TV Director in both of these modes)?

I assume that it could be possible, since the data which displays driver names (in standings etc.) looks to be taken from in-game racer names, not from usernames (again, in a similar way how TV Director displays that data in standings).

If yes, it's possible for me to be a beta tester especially for that thing, since it's really easy for me to organize AI-events in multiplayer as I have several S3-licensed accounts Smile
1) Sort of. We have a web tracker in the works, but we haven't nailed down a feature list for it yet.

2) There are parts of the InSim side that aren't yet set up to handle AI. There are some unique aspects of AI that complicate things. I intend to get them working at some point, but atm we have no need for it so it's a low priority for us.
I'll try to remember you when we get far enough to test, but it'll be a while Wink

Join our team!

We are now accepting applications for English speaking commentators for public and private projects in Live for Speed.

Apply now at:

Sim Broadcasts - Livestream partner for your sim racing event
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