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GT2 Challenge 2020: Signups
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GT2 Challenge 2020: Signups

GT2 Challenge 2020 - Signups

To enter the GT2 Challenge 2020, make a post here giving your requested car number, LFS licence name, real name, nationality, chosen car, and team name (if representing a team). Separate each field with a /, no space between the text of the field and the /. Example:

1/dekojester/Jonathan Palmer/USA/FZR/New Dimension Racing

Any number 2-99 is free for selection.

Signups are open NOW, and will close at 15:30 UTC on event day, and not open again until 19:00 UTC on the Sunday after the event.

Licence Requirements for Drivers

No NDR Licence Grade limitation.
You will need an S2 LFS License to participate.

Entries are tracked in the attached PDF. This PDF is updated at least once daily.

Numbers highlighted in orange are conflicted, and that entrant needs to chance their number. They have been directly notified.
Attached files
EntryList_Round1.pdf - 77.8 KB - 182 views
EntryList_Round2.pdf - 74.3 KB - 165 views
EntryList_Round3.pdf - 75.4 KB - 135 views
EntryList_Series.pdf - 78.6 KB - 172 views
93/cuprum/Edgars Pulins/Latvia/XRR/
46/BorislavB/Borislav Botev/Bulgaria/XRR/Fast And Crazy SimSports
25/Viperakecske/Gábor Gyüre/Hungary/XRR/Team S1DUS
98/jmeade/Jared Meade/Canada/XRR/Angry Angus Racing
7/mvelikov/Mihail Velikov/Bulgaria/XRR/Nayuka Factory
32/FalconBridge/Patrick Hall/Canada/FZR/Race Green Autosports
#8 - RLeb
59/rleb/Reg LeBlanc/Canada/XRR/Angry Angus Racing
23/Ayoub2016/Ayoub ELHANNOUNI/Morocco/FZR/Born To Race
69/excellent15/Vytautas Laguckas/Lithuania/XRR/Last Lap Motorsports
13/Mister Pino/Lennart de Jong/Netherlands/FZR/CoRe Racing
43/MandulAA/Dániel Balla/Hungary/XRR/Race Green Autosports
86/cathal50cc/Cathal Croarkin/Ireland/FZR/Born To Race
40/Firexter/Erik Manelius/Finland/FZR/Team Rock Racing
#15 - krin
24/krin/Anton Ahlers/The Netherlands/XRR/Team Rock Racing
16/k_badam/Adam Brown/Scotland/FZR/[TC] Racing
99/isaacprice/Isaac Price/Wales/FZR/meh racing
17/renato.picanco/Pedro Picanco/Brazil/XRR/RP racing
20/nathan246/Nathan Lamothe/Canada/XRR/Last Lap Motorsports
10/VictorMateus123/Victor Veloso/Brazil/XRR/Energy Virtual Racing
48/fernandoigor/Fernando Igor/Brazil/FZR/Energy Virtual Racing
9/Laipnieks/Andrejs Laipnieks/Latvia/XRR/CoRe Racing
18/KaiqueBRA/Kaique Piropo/Brazil/FZR/Energy Virtual Racing
#24 - jsrk
30/jsrk/Joni Katila/Finland/XRR/World Class Lions
83/yungtommyb/Tomas Johannes Sarlin/Finland/FXR/Team Rock Racing

GT2 Challenge 2020: Signups
(78 posts, started )