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Returning Player
Hi all,

I've had LFS since 2012 (maybe earlier) and upgraded to S2 in 2013. I haven't really played since then as I was lured away by iRacing at around that time.

I'd forgotten LFS existed until a vid popped up in my youtube feed today so I'm happily downloading and am very, VERY excited to see that development has continued (I'll upgrade to S3 when I can).

Just wondering what's changed since 2013... not asking for 6 years of patch logs, but more for broad strokes of where the game is at now (and what the hosting scene is like, particularly for Australia).

Cheers and happy driving Smile
#2 - lucaf
Rockingham 2016, new Blackwood 2017. welcome back!
Also, new Westhill in 2015 Smile
VR ... Wink
progress reports !
Progress is glacial, but there is progress...
Four S3 responses in the one afternoon is also an excellent indicator of community health.

My gaming time for the evening has started, time to try Rockingham!
Layout object amount, more and different AI racers, and few unique racing servers ( one being buried already in the meantime )
Not much boi
Soon LFS is getting day/night cycle, maybe. Updated graphics too
Quote from nikolai_01 :Soon LFS is getting day/night cycle, maybe. Updated graphics too

Those are relying on tyre physics being completed, i hope it's soon but i have my doubts.
not much new since 10 years ago but its getting there and i think its gonna be a solid change

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(11 posts, started )