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^ Referring to my previous post - the day for the Fern Bay event is still open, as is also the layout for the event. First I planned to do it on the mixed track including FE5/FE6 parts, now looks like the latest layout without rallycross part is producing the best feedback from server visitors.

If you are interested of such event, please take a look of existing layouts and tell me where you would like to race.

I am also open on some tournament which would consist two or three layouts.

The cars: You can still suggest! But most probably TBO with or without LX4. Meaning it would be open for S1 license holders also.

Lenght of the race:
First I planned a longer race of > 2 hours, now I am more into some 90 min race. How this sounds?

Weekday for the event:
The weekday will be quite probably saturday. (And this does not mean next saturday, just the weekday)

Month for the event:
Probably during the end of January (The less feedback I receive, the longer it takes to turn into reality)

Time for the event: At evening on European timezone.

Ping for the event: The server is hosted by Rackservice, meaning it is located in Europe.

When the event date will be confirmed, you can be sure you see the information on the welcome text of my server + on my web pages + in this thread + forum news + forum race calendar. So don't worry about it Smile
I like this kind of races and it's a good layout. For me saturdays won't work as I won't be home but you can't please everyone.

Keep up the good work!Thumbs up
We had yesterday quite nice amount of visitors, up to 18 simultaneously. So I am thinking if Sunday would gather more people to the event.

For not making the event overlapping with SRT & AB events, it should happen before them, which would be something like qualification at UTC 15:30-15:50 and race UTC 16:00-17:30

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bf1 plz
Quote from nikopdr :bf1 plz

Unfortunately I will not organize open wheel events as long as I am not myself competitive with them (maybe MRT in some circumstances). The realistic options in my events are currently road cars + GTN class. BF1...lets see in 2025 Petals
Mega yes! Organise before SRT so i get a chance to join the fun Frown

"9397 Racing" -Events
(187 posts, started )