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XFG@BL4X_965Rev event invitation
THESE CARS CAN GO OVER CURBS I SHOULD BE FINE... This also means new itasha skin in my last style, :3

Edit 1 @ 3:19AM BST: Got a new skin idea, will drop a teaser when its done.
This is last call to the event. If server gets populated enough, it will be passworded earlier.

Its really recommended to practice well the circuit. Without optimal lines in curves, you will continuosly crash into barriers and get frustrated. There may be also a time level you need to reach to qualificate into the race.

Some hints to survive the race until finish
  • don't eat curbs too hungry
  • brake in time
  • find a good tyre setup for the race
  • lift gas on gear changes to save your clutch
  • be patient and wait for your opponents errors
Please read full invitation.

If there is anyone who would like to look after the race as a specator/limited administrator, would be nice.
Your job would be
  • Remind about blue flag if racer doesnt seem to understand situation
  • Remind racer to drive carefully and respect others, if looks like it doesn't happen
  • Remind racer to spectate if he doesnt continue racing/flips
  • Warn/Kick out spectators who chat unnecessary things
  • Warn/Kick racers who do not respect race/racers by causing unnecessary mess
  • etc.
If you feel this would be your job, you should contact me as soon as possible, or here or on the server.
I'm confused about the qualification timetable
Qualification happens between 20:00-20:45am CEST / 21:00-21:45am EEST

Did it already happen yesterday? And why is it AM?
Quote from LucianLS :I'm confused about the qualification timetable
Qualification happens between 20:00-20:45am CEST / 21:00-21:45am EEST

Did it already happen yesterday? And why is it AM?

Oh lol you had a good reason to be confused. Don't know why there was "am" after time, I removed it. Qualification tonight Smile

Looks like it was also misleading to post best recorded laps in this thread, that list didn't have anything to do with the race event and official qualification. it was just for fun there, but I removed that also.
I shall take on the admin job today for sure. No late arrivals or anything, promise! Big grin
XFG's @BL4X_965Rev 6.5.17 Race report
XFG's @BL4X_965Rev 6.5.17 Race report

Event started traditionally with a qualifying session of 45 minutes. 35 racers recorded a time in the qualify. 28 of them passed the qualification wich was 1:38:00. Four of qualified drivers did not join the race: TheIsraelMember (because on unconvenience time zone), Jay (unknown reason), Timbe (unknown reason) and PieJuk who's car was in the grid, but no movement happened on green light.

(gray lined disqualified, yellow lined didn't attend )

Full report below:
Spoiler - click to reveal
24 racers started the race: seven of them mouse drivers, one keyboard driver, two drivers with Normal rear tyres, two drivers with front Hybrid tyres, and one driver with amazing qualification time; Ardeee who took pole with 0.95s gap. He purposely started the race from the back, for avoiding ”boring” race. So it was gift pole position for PauL.

Michal got discrete start and losed his 2nd pos in T2 to Adam. LucianLS picked two places until T2 and moved from 16th to 14th.

First collision happened in T2, as martin4oto5 17th found open door and dived inside of F308. They went door to door attached to each others wich caused a lag-like collision and unfortunate spin of F308 wich then caused more cars crash to him (involved Traceur, Callum, Ardeee, Alpinorro)

Cars flowing on 3rd sector of first lap:

First retirement on first lap by Ram93rus (10th) on sector 3, dived too deep into tyrestack apex and flipped his car. Well done with quick spectating in the traffic.

(view from D6nn's car)

Only some seconds later JannE running 16th trying find past Martin and being sandwiched by Vis, spins after a quick sandwich-chain collision. Janne as gentleman doesnt hurry back to track and drops to last position while waiting traffic to pass.

At the end of first lap, Adam seemed to nicely hang in PauL's pace, but went wide on grass on sector 4

... returned to track with low speed in front of Michal and Mgedk. While Mgedk bumping Michals bumpers in braking, Michal hadn't much choices but to ram throu Adam's vechile wich was still finding back to racing line and speed.

Close fighting continued around Adam, Mgedk trying to pass him on lap2 T2 - not enough space in inner curve

(Mgedk thought he found a sweet squeeze, but it turned out to be a nasty trap)

Both losing speed and the car-train following them caused more intense situations in the next corner to the left:

...Mgedk loses places to Spiky, Jepis, and on the next straight also to Katila.

Behind, Martin does everything and more, to keep Ardeee behind him:

Very intense second lap continued on sector 3, where Jepis using different line, touches Spikys rear corner and only Spikys fast reaction saves him from spinning:

(unpleasant moments for Spiky who succeeded to save the situation)

This just creates more happening behind them, Katila attacks Jepis, Mgedk attacks Katila, and Zeugnimod attacks Mgedk:

(Katila's attack from outside changed into a football game with red tyres)

Behind them Alpinorro running last and struggling to keep his car inside track lines, has his second crash and fatal one, with barrier. Ending up flying high and landing wrecked. Retirement.

(alpinorro choosed to drive right tyres on the curb...the end….)

On last sector Martin running 16th goes wide at the fast left hander and experiences the magic powers of armco-barriers. Fly high and retirement:

Third lap goes with less tension, and some places are swapped between last racers. PauL leading the race lonely, Michal staying so far in safe 2nd, and Adam running at one second from him.

(top 12 finishing 3rd lap)

Ardeee at 16th has a quite agressive fight with Vis

and after second try Vis remains behind him on lap 4.

F308 has all the way followed Ardeee but fails to pas Vis in a clean way, instead its a more like a ram, than a pass.

Unlucky Vis spins, and while he had overheated his front hybrid tyres during all defending happened on lap 3, his tyres gets destroyed in that episode.

Next retirement happens on 3rd section of lap 4. Traceur missing braking and having contact with barrier and...the picture tells the rest:

On lap 5 some racers are already having noticeable tyre overheating: Adam 3rd, Jepis 5th, Tyrant 16th, Marius 17th, Vis 20th

Most happening is around places 5th to 9th. Jepis defending his 5th, Zeugnimod 8th excited of chasing three cars in front of him, hits barrier and loses position to D6nn.

More behind, T308 15th while trying to keep in the pace of Ardee 14th, takes too wide line and cannot return to track, instead crashes on a big...

...and drops to 19th place

Lap 6: PauL increases his lead 1s/lap and leads now with 6 sec.

Adam has closed to Michal and attacks him many times

Jepis can't keep Katila behind him, and also Mgedk is pushing pressure on him and a furious but clean fight between Jepis and Mgedk that slows down both: D6nn possibility to attack them also. D6nn fails in his attack and instead of gaining a position, he loses a position to Zeugnimod:

Vis heads to pit with red hot front tyres, gets a new pair of hybrids, continue struggling with cold tyres and retires.

At the end of the lap Adam is really close on passing Michal

During lap 7 Adam continues challenging Michal despite his hot tyres. Michal defends hard his position. Both are lapping slower because of the fight, and Spiky is picking them up while PauL in the lead increasing the gap rapidly.

Katila is running 5th, 5sec from Spiky. Jepis has dropped on 1.6sec from him, and he is is hopeless with his overheated tyre, can't hold Mgedk behind and retires. Good news and clean road for Mgedk, who uses this possibility by almost flipping his car two corners later, ending up into the woods. He drops to 13th in front of Tyrant, JannE and Marius, JannE being the only realistic threat having tyre temps in optimal condition.

After this, Zeugnimod finds himself 6th, followed by D6nn, johneysvk and 9397, then later LucianLS and Ardeee and Jamin at 3 seconds.

On lap 8 Michal seems to be safe from Adam who is lacking grip more and more and chased by Spiky. Adam runs wide one corner and retires! Later in the field Johneysvk (running close to D6nn), runs wide in T1 and gets passed by 9397

(johneysvk playing with poles while 9397 gets better exit speed)

Even later, Janne passes Tyrant, who still laps surprising well with significantly hot tyres but accidentally his grip disappears rapidly and he takes the fly ticket from the barriers.

Marius who was behind him, also suffering too hot tyres, and pace dropping. 13Seconds later are running Callum and T308 in last positions (16th and 17th).

Now the battle is around Johneysvk since he is chased by Ardeee. Johneysvk resists until the end of lap 9

(Ardeee flying into the slippery left hander )

On lap 10, PauL leads with safe 10 seconds. Spiky has closed to Michal running less than a second from him. Katila 5.5 sec from them but chased by Zeugnimod. Later Ardeee is closening to 9397 and Jamin is fighting with LucianLS 10th and 11th. Mgedk is running away from Janne in 12th position. In the back, F308 retires after gear mischange and engine damage.

On lap 11 Ardeee takes 7th position by passing 9397. Mgedk is recovering with good pace in 12th and closening rapidly to LucianLS and Jamin.

Lap12, Zeugnimod is attacking Katila.

Ardeee passed D6nn as easily as he passed 9397. Jamin attacks Lucian without success then later he gives way for faster Mgedk

Marius pitted with overheated tyres, but pitcrew didn't give him fresh tyres, only fixed other damages. What a shame.

Lap 14, Lucian leaves door open on 1st checkpoint, and Mgedk passes easily:

Right after that Lucian hits barrier and spin and ruin his clutch by trying to recover from the spin with full throttle. Retirement.

Jamin's pace has dropped and he is passed by Janne.

On lap 15 Mgedk gets just too confident with barriers, leans too heavily in T1, and gets flight ticket.

After a spectacular flight upside down, he lands on his feet, and continues the race with heavily damaged car for heading to pits.

At the end of lap 17 Spiky gets closer to Michal. Ardee has caught Zeugnimod and Katila. 9397 is very slowly closening to D6nn.

Ardeee passes Zeugnimod on lap 18

...and attacks Katila on lap 20. On sector 2 he dives too confident inside Katila and causes both spin:

Katila resumes after Zeugnimod, Ardeee loses place also to D6nn and resumes in front of 9397.

After 21 laps, the podim finishers are:

PauL! Consistent drive being the fastest car through the race. PauL's comment after race: ”that was pretty easy Big grin

Michal! After resisting attacks from Adam and later resisting pressure for Spiky closening him, great result. Michal's comment after race: ”was expecting better pace (kidding, it was totally awesome) Big grin

Spiky! Strong pace until the end despite the hit received on first laps. Well done once again. Spiky's comment after race: ”I was hit fom behind in the beginning but managed to continue, the rest of the race was calm”

Full results:

  • Warning to user T308 for ramming on Vid on lap 4
  • Warning to user Ardeee for agressive racing, including issue with Katila on lap 21

The traditional 3£ LFS voucher draw went to Katila, congrats!

Short tv-style replay of the first laps:

Race replay attached:
Attached files
XFG@965REV 6.5.2017.mpr - 9.5 MB - 182 views
This was my worst event in Live for Speed period but i’m glad i didn’t ruined anybody’s race but AdamB’s almost.. Yeah sorry about that Frown
The thing i learned in this week’s event is , being fast in qualification is one thing but being fast while racing is another… Passing anybody without contact with a -relatively- big car while track is only 3 wide is whole another ball game and i learned very quickly that i wasn’t ready for any of it.
Well my finals week is coming and i wanted to stop racing for a while with a great top 3 finish so i practiced very hard for this week’s event. I tried different setups, searched breaking points, when to turn-in when to give gas etc. and even did a offline 21 lap pre-race to make sure about fuel levels so as you can see i was more than ready.
So at grid i knew i needed to get top 3 to achieve my goal so i went for it. My practices made lot of difference.. I could keep up with the pack without breaking a sweat and i felt i was faster than they are and i thought to myself that i could pass them easily… At 2nd lap i did my move and disaster ! I couldn’t pass AdamB and nearly spinned him out… Lost 2 positions to spiky and Jepis. I was shaken but not giving up because of my goal… I was in top 5 in qualification i could easily pass spiky and Jepis i thought… So in T5 ( not even waiting for 1 lap!! ) i brake too late and hit Jepis rear end then it hit me. I wasn’t ready for any of this and if i kept trying i would ruin someone’s race.. So i gave way J.A. Katila, slowed down a bit and started chasing him.
After Jepis has left i thought without anybody in my front to battle i could do high 1:30’s and low 1:31s just like in my practices and get back in the race and after only 1 turn i did an error and nearly rolled my car which destroyed my morale all together...
Spoiler - click to reveal
Beware of Gif

and after 8 laps i misjudged my turn-in point and crashed which costed me the race…
Spoiler - click to reveal
Beware of Gif
Even though it was my worst race, i’m totally happy that it was other way around for most of the drivers and new “Highlight Moments” are amazing and gives new taste to race reports so keep up the amazing work Lucaf Smile
To lucaf: Great report as always man Wink I like the new podium interview Smile Big grin
BTW still requesting the MRT race Tongue

To MGEDK: Don't worry mate, you were just overmotivated. It's really hard to stay calm when you know you have the chance and just the fact you realise what you have "done wrong" is the right way to go Wink
@9397 Your tracks are so tight that it is inevitable that someone is going to crash someone else out accidentally while trying to pass. I think you should try and relax your administrating a bit. It is almost as if you want people to just drive round without overtaking.

For example, Arttu's crash with Jari was a racing incident in my eyes, both could have done something to prevent it and the person that you say caused it ended up much further behind. Same with the one with F308, it is hard to tell from that camera angle but it looks like he made a move, vis tried to take a normal line but hit the back of F308 and that straightened him up. As i said, it is harder to tell with that one as the camera angle isn't the best.
Quote from ymeshulin :I wonder when J. Katila stops crashing people. The guy seems to be either unable, or unwilling to see what's happening around him. He only sees what's in front, and almost every attempt to overtake him ends in a calamity. Happened to me on a few occasions.

Really, if I would be writing here every incident where my race was ruined by some other racer I would have no time to race Big Eye

Quote from ymeshulin :
Now, for those who think he was right:

- Ardeee made a brash move on the inside...
- No he did not. He was a LOT faster, and since the track is predominantly made of 90-degree corners, that was a legitimate overtake attempt.

- J. Katila could not do anything...
- Rubbish. He knew Ardeee was coming (google: Rearview mirror), was much faster, and would go for an overtake. Rule #1 for any driver: "If you have a faster driver behind you, expect him to attempt an overtake".

- What could J. Katila do?
- Option 1: leave Ardeee room by taking a wider line though the corner. Option 2: crash him.

You obviously haven't seen a replay of the race. You would know that Ardeee was driving behind with about same pace from lap 15 until the incident. Before the collision I was clearly ahead and have the right to choose line through a curve, thats normal racing rule. Of course I knew he was there but if you are ahead just one lap before finish you really not just give the position to your opponent. What kind of racing would that be, lame at least Shrug

Quote from ymeshulin :
If I were the admin of the server, I would issue J. Katila a last warning - one more accident like this, and this driver will be banned from future events on the server for a year.

But you are not and seems you are not much respecting admining of this server. I would even consider some actions towards you if were running this server, just because of the attitude and accusations you are expressing. Frown
Thanks 9397 for hosting the race and a great report as well Thumbs up

Yeah, very few overtaking places without the risk of terminal damage.
Great report as always, race was also very interesting this time. Looking forward to the next one!
Quote from ymeshulin :Correct, but protecting a spot is not done by colliding with another car. You should have taken a wider line out of the left-hander, and he would not have a chance to pull alongside.

I suggest your first action should be shutting up. I am one of the cleanest racers around, and the only people who have promlems with me are those who don't have a clue about racing.

You have no means nor power to make that kind of suggestions, you are accusing me here as a total outsider of this race and saying I should not defend myself against your accusations, come on Uh-hu

What comes to clean racing, I was not saying a word about it, I was telling about your attitude and accusations. Eventually that kind of attitude leads to trouble despite how clean racer you are.
Quote from k_badam :@9397 Your tracks are so tight that it is inevitable that someone is going to crash someone else out accidentally while trying to pass. I think you should try and relax your administrating a bit. It is almost as if you want people to just drive round without overtaking.

Also real Monaco same thing, what can do Big grin if the track is tight, it is tight and that's it Big grin Doesn't mean that should be allowed more rough racing.

That is by the way the reason for "long" qualifying session (you were asking why it is so long), good quali result is quite important to have good race result.
Thanks for all feedback, and thanks for MGEDK for sharing your honest thoughts of your race. Thanks also for Kid for taking care during race, wich made me possible to fully focus on my driving without need being aware what happens in other places of the track. I enjoyed my racing much more this time.
Next weekend no event. Too much real life for make it possible.
What about this weekend?
Quote from lucaf :Warnings:

[*]Warning to user Ardeee for agressive racing,

Years have passed, nothing changed.
Quote from lucaf :Next weekend no event. Too much real life for make it possible.

Any news, lucaf? I hope you will come back to LFS. I really enjoyed your events and I hope you will continue with them soon.
Quote from Spiiiky :Any news, lucaf? I hope you will come back to LFS. I really enjoyed your events and I hope you will continue with them soon.

Heyy bro! And thanks for your feedback. Yes me too enjoyed those moments very much. Currently I cannot rejoin LFS, my real life needs some re-structuring and there is no space for gaming. I cannot see further in the future what will happen, let's see!
Good to hear from you. Wish you good luck, whatever you are dealing with.
Ay, welcome back Lucaf. Hope to see you back for good soon! Best endeavours mate.
Good luck on your life man! Hopefully sometime the events will come back on some of your layouts!
Anyone remember this? Two years have passed.

Its time to revisit old classical Fern Bay again. The layout will be even more exciting than the one we did back then. It will be a fully refactored reverse version with radical modifications on some parts.

It will have more cut restrictions (u know, we need to orientate our minds to new Fern Bay coming with sausage curbs etc..) and some other nice stuff. And: The Karussell will be introduced! (don't even think you know where it will be located, its not there but near)!

The tarmac part percentage will be little bit greater this time, meaning the RB4 will not be advantaged any more. Hopefully all cars will be on somewhat same perfomance level.

The event will be again a "mini endurance" meaning 2-3 hours. It will be run with TBO cars and probably (if running same pace), also LX4 will be an option.

I will put more information of the event, when I get things finished and have 9397 Racing server back online.

Okay, here is the teaser:

"9397 Racing" -Events
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