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Graphics Progress Report: Autocross
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Nice work, waiting for test patch.
Comparisons screenshots







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Ty for comparisons looking at those is very exciting shows soo much progress. Cant wait!
Quote from Flotch :Comparisons screenshots

Thanx didn't know that much differance but then i hardly went AU Smile
Please keep the hidden autocross track, it's wonderful.
Quote from Flotch :Comparisons screenshots

Good job, thanks!

I like the final one best.

By the way, you have 17 but we only released 16. 1 and 7 are the same. Smile
Indeed - it now looks like an actual place somewhere in world unlike before,where it looked like a plato in outskirts of virtual world emptiness.

What I'm curious is how the changes will affect layouts made before this update - it seems like AU1 area hasn't changed much (seems like it is now slightly wider at few sides),so the old layouts should be like they were in AU1? Or are there any changes to the surface of main lot?

Edit: I see a lot of potential proper racetrack courses around new Autocross area. Until now from 192 RTFR races only 7 have been hosted in AU environment,which is about 3.6% - that percentage will surely raise after update.
Quote from Scawen :I like the final one best.

Agreed, great job by Eric, an area that had not had much love in a long time.

Very interested to see Fern Bay!
i like the fact that the rb4 is not in any of those photos and what a great update, can't wait for the other tracks to be shown Heart
OK, thanks. Yes, only 16 fitted on the progress report page. Smile
There's always been something about LFS's graphics that make it look really simplistic, but at the same time also very realistic. Maybe it's vehicles looking a bit cartoony compared to the enviroments?

But it looks great nevertheless! Can't wait to test the circuits out. Thumbs up
Wow this is just mindblowing. Thanks Flotch for those comparison images, they make the job look even more impressive. We will get mad after next ones Big grin
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Quote from pako_customize :PHYSICS ..ill wait for PHYSICS update ..the reason i play this simulator Frown

Do you want a picture of it? Shrug
Quote from Xenix74 :Do you want a picture of it? Shrug

We already had back in the time :

Anyway, as Scawen stated he was working on sharing weather between environments, he is probably not doing both at the same time ! By the way the autocross weather is not one we have currently Wink

Quote from Bob Smith :Agreed, great job by Eric, an area that had not had much love in a long time.

Very interested to see Fern Bay!

Oh YEAH Big grin
Fern Bay gets updated = good bye amazing corners.

( EDIT: Not with 100% chance, but pretty high for sure. )
Nice congratulations
i would love to see the city and fern in the same way Smile
This certainly looks like a lot stuff has been changed. Love it how natural it looks now and the new lighting, oh gosh amazing.
i cant wait for these graphic update to come out, it looks amazing,i love the drag strip bit of it. i cant wiat to drive on it.
Is it alright to vote which is the next?
Did that area get scraped? Why was it there in the first place? Was it ever intended to be finished?
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The area is not visible in any of the screenshots,so we can only guess if it has been deleted or rebuilt. I'm think it was a started project that somehow did not get finished just like the "industrial" section of South City. Maybe Eric just like many people started something and then just got distracted with other things and it was low priority to finish that?
Thanks Scawen and Eric.
and thanks Flotch!

Graphics Progress Report: Autocross
(96 posts, started )