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Update: 8-Player LFS in a Trailer
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The forum shows me as being the last to reply here, and I did reply to this, but my reply is not showing up.

So finding events to set the trailer up at, has proven more difficult than it really should be.

I had a LOT of potential events all lined up, but they all keep saying NO. Some the club/group/business wants the trailer there and think its a great idea, but there is always one old fart in the group that says NO.

Festivals are out, because they always have a no-compete clause.

Farmers Markets and Food Truck Rallys, next to no one races, they are there to eat not play games. So I wind up making what I spend on gas in the generator.

The Detroit grand prix, is not going to happen, because they want me to pay $2000 for the space. Anyone that showed interest in sponsoring it is no longer showing any interest. Less than a week to go anyway...

There is a dozen or so small oval tracks right in my area, dirt and paved, all are event centers, none of them want the trailer there. They want people to pay to play on their crappy simulator or arcade games.

So I am going to have to change the plan so I am ONLY doing birthdays and corporate events, or any even that pays ME to be there, so I don't have to charge $ per race.

So since I have done a WOPPING 1 event so far this season, I have been spending time trying to figure out the signage to go on the trailer.

And I keep putting it off, because I feel like I will be selling this thing in a few months. THERE are 100's of game trailers for sale, so it is a sign that no one needs or wants them, when everyone has their own play station etc...
Quote from :The forum shows me as being the last to reply here, and I did reply to this, but my reply is not showing up.

Yeah there seems to be a bug in this thread, never noticed this happening elsewhere. It did say that you were the last to post but there was no post in the thread. But if you search your post history (link), it's actually there. Weird.

It's sad to see this going downhill Frown
Quote from :And I keep putting it off, because I feel like I will be selling this thing in a few months. THERE are 100's of game trailers for sale, so it is a sign that no one needs or wants them, when everyone has their own play station etc...

Pretty sad story wish u good luck.
Quote from Sobis :Yeah there seems to be a bug in this thread, never noticed this happening elsewhere. It did say that you were the last to post but there was no post in the thread. But if you search your post history (link), it's actually there. Weird.

Happens when post are deleted, causing the last page posts to go into the previous one. But the post count still makes the paging to create a new one.
Man... what now?
This sucks...

Hrrmmhhh.... How much it has cost from the beginning as total?
I am still trying.

It has only been 1.5 warm months, and I have next to no advertisement... so too soon to call it. I am just bummed out that I've only done 1 event so far this year.

I will dump about $2K more in for the ad/graphics/flags etc, which is all I have remaining. If that does not improve things, then how much money I have at the end of the year will determine if I put it up for sale.

Spent the day testing things out, and solving misc issues.

PC 2, would turn on all 4 monitors, then one would go off like it was unplugged, never figured out why. Spent a lot of time trying to fix it, reboots, different cables etc... I wound up just swapping the monitor with one from PC 1... and it worked. ...

Left it running while doing other things in trailer, and had the first BLACK SCREEN since scawen made a patch for it to recover. And it recovered from the black screens in about 30 seconds. Drivers would have crashed, but at least it would have been back up and running in the same race. The radeon watt program also crashed at the same time, but that did not recover Wink.

It was a hot day, so heat likely was an issue, watt man temp readings were 70 and 80.

Have a couple events lined up, but they are not for a few months.
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Getting ready to do another car show type event in a few hours at Pep Boys in Eastpointe Michigan, USA. It is a street cruise so plenty of businesses along an umpteen mile strip will have vendors and cars parked along the road while other cars cruise up and down the highway. Suppose to be a few 1000 people at the pep boys area, because they have a car-dyno setup.

I will only be charging $1.00 at this event for a 10 minute race, so if MORE people do not race this time, then people just do not want too, and I will have to focus entirely on for-hire events.

They are also paying me a little to setup, so this event is sort of a half hired and half pay-to-play event. So... at least I have already made money on this one, and made up for the $100 lost so far on the other events.

I also have a few other big events lined up, but they are not until August/September.
Good luck! I've got my fingers crossed for you Smile
Good luck! Smile
So RAIN was forecast, and there was a tiny storm on the radar.
However it never rained, and that storm vanished before it got there.
It was hot and sunny, a perfect day for a car cruise.

However, due to the forecast most of the people that paid for parking spaces at pep boys never showed, so parking lot was pretty much empty, thus only a few people in this area.

Because it was somewhat dead, no paying racers, I decided to use my big dry erase board and make a sign to get people off of the road to come in. I wrote RACE SIMULATOR => on it... and set it against the road sign out front of pep boys.

The good luck wishes must have worked though, because as I was walking back from placing the sign, I found $40 sitting on the ground.

They paid me $400 to setup all day, I found $40, and I sold $40 of races.

Hopefully tomorrow I will be getting my logo on the trailer.

The first 3 paying players knew what LFS was and had it at home, but they wanted me to set it up for drifting and driving with external view. I sort of did, but they were use to different drift setups, and a custom external view they must use.
lol I found once 15€ on my local town parking lot. Wind was taking a spin for paper euros, until I grabbed 'em and invested for gasoline, HAH!

Anyway! Following what happens next!

drifting *and* custom external view... I would charge them $100 each for such obscenity, but then again I'm a bit radical... Big grin
Glad it went well - it's nice to know that people will pay you for it, even if it was at a special rate. We need pics of the graphics when it's done Smile

First I am still using R7... will update when I have extra time, to fix things incase I muck up all my settings.

When does it save the cfg changes?
Instantly? or only if I exit LFS and restart it?
I notice if I lose power the changes are not always saved.
And when I make changes I always go through and reboot just to make sure it saved them, and once in a while there is a button or view that I changed that did not save.

Also, the last few times I started up an event I had to redo the wheels and headphones. I thought it was remembering it regardless of what order of USB or DISPLAY PORT I was plugging into, but apparently I need to plug them in the same way each time... to get it to remember the right controller and audio choice.
Is there a way I could have easily messed this up?

I have a few potentially large events lined up and pending, but then I thought the last one would be large Smile

One might be a Hot Wheels 50th event in Detroit.
Good to hear you upgraded to the later version. There shouldn't be any problem with that - it's just a better version.

The cfg changes are only saved when LFS exits.

LFS stores the 'GUID' of the audio device and the controller device when you select a specific one. It's an ID number supplied by Windows, but I don't know how well Windows assigns that number to each device or if the same device is always guaranteed to be assigned the same number.

The GUID numbers are stored in cfg.txt lines "Speaker GUID" and "Control GUID".
I guess I will have to color code the cables and always try to plug them in the same way, and see if that helps. It seems it was remembering it the first few times... maybe windows had an "update".

Thank You.
This video was the first couple that raced in the sim, right at 5pm when the event was suppose to start. You may want to turn down your volume before playing it, as the generator from the adjacent food truck was VERY loud.

I got this video then my phone battery died... so did not get anymore. Sucks because the noisy generator moved away after the first hour.

I charged $2.00 per race at this event.
I gave away a $80~$130 RC car that I paid about $40 for, to the person that held the lap time record at the end of the day.

This was an event with families, not just car owners, so there where lots of kids.

I was in a really good location at this event, likely the first time I could say that.
Everyone had to walk almost across my trailer ramp to get from tables and games to get to the food trucks and lawn for watching the fireworks.

The first half hour to an hour, was fairly slow. However after that I had a line and there was almost always a butt in every seat, the exception being when there was only one or two seats open and a large group wanted to race together they would wait. Because each race was 10 minutes a lot of people that waited gave up and left the line before their turn, some came back later though.... So this was the busiest event I have done, that was not FREE to play.

Most people only raced once, there was only about 10 or so that raced 2 to 4 times. The teen that won the RC Car, raced about 5 times, although he had already set a quick enough lap to win the RC car on his 2nd attempt. There was only about 5 people that were fast enough to even compete for it. It takes about 20 laps to get the hang of it, and not many raced a 2nd time.

While doing the event, I felt like I had made over $250... however after counting the cash it was only about $150, so in the future I will be charging at least $3.00 or back to the full $5.00 if there is a prize. $2.00 may have been too low at this event, especially since the bounce house guy was charging $10 or more, for about 3 minutes in the bounce house. A lot of time was also wasted breaking 20s for change since I mostly had singles... so $5 is faster to make change.

But with about 3 busy hours of 10 minute races, up to 15 minutes if you add in practice lap and driver change time, there was only time for 12 to 18 races. Which would have been a maximum of $192 to $288, so ~$150 is about right with $2.00 races.

I need to fit my other 2 cockpits in the trailer some how so it is 10 players. I only need about 5 more inches, so maybe pinching the 2 in the front of trailer together will allow me to slide them all forward a few inches.
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Good to here that this event went pretty well. Really hope this works out for you after all your hard work and investment.
You are really friendly on the cover charge! Anyway I am glad you have been busy!
Glad to read about your sim-trailer!
Sounds like everything went smoothly.

Thumbs up
Thanks, things are slowly improving...

Just officially booked a big event in Grand Rapids Michigan, USA.

Hopefully these guys will become one of my repeat clients and will be doing lots of car related events.

I also have 2 more large events pending, one might involve TV and magazine coverage! -- so I might need a bigger LFS sign in my trailer soon Wink -- but they could still say no, as many have before, so we will see.

Update: 8-Player LFS in a Trailer
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