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Team Inferno Setup Field webpage (now : LFS' own setup database)
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Quote from pik_d :Did you use the exact same set for multiple configurations?

Hm yeah the system will skip setups that are 100% equal to one you already have in your collection.
It will now add the tracks to that already uploaded setup though, so you don't have to manually do that.
You can safely import those hotlap setups again to try.
Tables can break if someone selects every RO track for a set:

Also, if someone uploads the exact same set as someone else, could they get a message that this is the case?

For example, Pete and I both uploaded this set. Could there be a message above "Car & Name" saying "This set is identical to another set and will not be displayed publicly"?
just stumpled across this. setupfield download i found on a old HDD.

i think its from the download all setups on setupfield.
i think i have one somewhere from setupgrid aswell. i add it here if i find it.
then they perhaps can be added to setups here?

EDIT: just noticed , there is no option to download ALL setups from here ? that would be great to be able too . or maybe i just dont see it ?

maybe setup section could be added here too ?
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setupfield.rar - 254.6 KB - 162 views
6473 setups right there ! 1.22MB

i removed setups from patch U / P (those were .col setups)
hopefully this will help setup database a little bit Smile

got a bigger pack coming aswell....

Added: Team inferno sound pack

EDIT 2: (All my setups)(well its not ALL,but those i can find right now).
added a apck with 8776 setups. some might be the same as in first post or the one in this post.
by uploading these im hoping we can get as many setups retrieved from setupfield and setupgrid as possible.
so hopefully this is useful for LFS users in general.
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setupfield.rar - 1.2 MB - 190 views
Team Inferno 2009 Soundpack.rar - 3.7 MB - 198 views
All my setups LFS.rar - 1.6 MB - 249 views
fbm blackwood historic setup for racing

Team Inferno Setup Field webpage (now : LFS' own setup database)
(107 posts, started )