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Nice flight! Big grin
Today RB4 at South City (Long, Rev) because popularity of SUVs told us fourwheeldrive is meant for city driving. Tilt
Quali begins at 19:30 circa 15min from this post.
Was hard race, congrats guys, you did well. I did also but not as well as you. And consumed more than 38% fuel Uhmm

I left server too quickly, anybody saved the replay of race? Ah, google drive...found

start of the race:
Today the fastest race of the season: Fo8 at Westhill International (WE2)
Quali begins at 19:30, that is 40 minutes from this post.
Video of the last ABC cup event. The clip contains the entire sprint race of 8 laps.
Since I did not found any cam file for WE2R, I did one myself.

#camfile WE2R
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WE2R.rar - 506 B - 346 views
Meanwhile waiting for the 2018 thread, I post here a clip of the last race on sunday

also modified TV cams of TV Director
#camfile AS2
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AS2.rar - 301 B - 352 views

Schedule Season 2016/17
(81 posts, started )