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Yeah, another great detailed report. Thumbs up
lol, watching the replay now, so much angry honking around 10th place in laps 3-5
Welcome! Event invitation & rules will be added here later.

ps. event begins quite after the GTi event on Sport Racing Team Finland's server.

Read invitation & rules here >>>>>>>>

Layout's homepage:

Please practice the layout in advance, otherwise we will see cars upside down here and there during the race.

If there is anyone who would like to look after the race as a specator/limited administrator, would be nice.
Your job would be:
  • Remind about blue flag if racer doesnt seem to understand situation
  • Remind racer to drive carefully and respect others, if looks like it doesn't happen
  • Remind racer to spectate if he doesnt continue racing/flips
  • Warn/Kick out spectators who chat unnecessary things
  • Warn/Kick racers who do not respect race/racers by causing unnecessary mess etc.
If you feel this would be your job, you should contact me as soon as possible, or here or on the server.
I am really looking forward to participate in this one!
I can help with admining, if i'll have time. If i can, i will come to the server before race.
This is last call for the event! If server gets populated enough, it will be passworded earlier.

Its really recommended to practice well the circuit. Without optimal lines in curves, you will flip your car easily. There may be also a time level you need to reach to qualificate into the race.

Some hints to survive the race until finish
  • don't eat curbs too hungry
  • drive corners as smooth as possible
  • brake in time
  • lift gas on gear changes to save your clutch
  • be patient and wait for your opponents errors
  • tune your suspension setup in a way the car doesn't flip too easily
Everything you need to know about the event, is written in the invitation/rules document linked in my previous post.
Can we do GTi next week again? Those don't flip that easily. Taped Shut Big grin
Quote from zeugnimod :Can we do GTi next week again? Those don't flip that easily. Taped Shut Big grin

Stay off the curbs you noob! Cool

Nice layout and well organized race again by lucaf! I had fun racing with Dz..something (hard name) until I flipped 2 laps or so before the end Rofl
Too much pressure from Dzidoris, eh? Tongue
Missed it again... Hope it went well. Thumbs up
Tonight's event was fun, okay sure I died on lap 3 but that was a lack of practise. Layout was really well made too. I'll definitely come to the next event!

The layout was an inspiration of the old 965 MRT Race layout made by myself and I must say, a good job was done remaking it as every problem the old layout ran into seemed to have been fixed with this!

Good work and congrats to the winners!
UFB's @BL4X_965 29.4.17 Race report
UFB's @BL4X_965 29.4.17 Race report

Spoiler - click to reveal
The layout of the event, BL4X_965, was the first ever '9397 Racing' layout designed on new Blackwood industrial area. Wich made the event special was, that one of the participant was Huskil from 965-team. He was actually the original designer of the circuit layout, and who inspired me to refactor his version of the track, and later, to create more of them. For this special event, a colorful tyre tower was built in the green area beside the track.

This was meant to be first race with dedicated race control, but Kid who accepted the job, joined the server one hour too late.

Event started traditionally with a qualifying session of 45 minutes. 25 racers recorded a time in the qualify. The qualification level to race was 1:26:00. All except one racer passed it, Brasseye who remained to 0.03 s from qualification level, leaved the server before I managed to tell him he would be allowed to join race.

Four other racer also did't join the race: Jamin, Jay and Kardaani for unknown reason (our interviewer did not reach them), and Pena was disallowed to join race because of his remarkably lagging connection wich would cause too much unwanted contacts in close racing .

(gray lined did not attended race)

20 racers in the grid: six of them mouse drivers, one keyboard driver, four cars running in default skin, three cars gambling with softer R2 front tyres, one car gambling with harder R3 rear tyres, and one ”retarted” driver (joining the grid too late and was put in the back of the grid - the race organizer 9397)

Green light and horses & horsepowers were off. Drama around M.tunc on grid #12 – his handbrake is stuck and the UFB horsepowers weren't able to move his car, only heating the damn clutch. Fortunately no racers hit his standing car. Finally brakes were off and M.tunc joined the field as last racer. In the replay can be seen that his brake and clutch pedals were jammed in middle position.

The field flowed smoothly towards the twisty sector two wich consisted of five 90 degree turns. There first serious attacks happened. Ardee took 2nd position from Tukko. Also Dzidoris attacks Tukko but Tukko resists. Leader Laguckas seems to already running away.

(Dzi trying to squeeze pass Tukko)

During second lap the leader Laguckas and 2nd Ardee were clearly having their own chase-race and they begin to create gap to Tukko and Dzidoris running close to each others.

(1st sector of 2nd lap)

Huski had his unlycky moment dropping from 14th to 20th on sector 3 after getting rammed and thrown into barriers by Blb:

After two laps, Spiky and Smart who have been hanging close on Tukko and Dzidoris, begin to slowly dropping. Behdind them, the middle field is tight; all together Katila, Zeugnimod, Michal, Mgedk, Jam, Deviance. Later in the field, 9397 and M.tunc were slowly rushing up the field after failing in the beginning. They were both trying to find way to pass Blb.

Action time at the last corner of sector 2 on lap 3: Blb rides slightly wide, loses speed, and at the same time M.tunc dives there agressively:

...and hits Blb's car enough to make it spin

...causing chain collision where also 9397 and later even Swissline got involved. Very unlucky for Blb who loosed much time and gets passed by everybody who was behind him…

….except Huskil who flips his car exactly in the same corner:

...and parks his car upside down beside Blb who is still doing manoveurs to get his car back in right direction. Retirement for Huskil.

Meanwhile Traceur and EmKa passed Blb also, they also swapped places between themselves after Traceur ride wide the action corner.

Lap 3: 3rd sector and Zeugnimod excited of chasing Katila and having excellent split time, goes too eager on tyrewall apex and spectacular flip giving some extra heart pulsations to Michal running behind him. Retirement. (Guess how this ends on Zeugnimod)

On 4th lap, the most pressured drivers were Tukko 3rd pressured by Dzidoris, and Jam 10th pressured by Deviance. Traceur tried to find faster lines for getting back in the tail of EmKa and flipped his car on sector 2. Retirement.

On 5th lap, Laguckas had increased his lead to 3 second over Ardeee. Tukko and Dzidoris were already 6sec behind.

In the back, Blb trying to recover his unlucky crash running 7 seconds behind EmKa, but crashing hardly at the 3rd checkpoint, flying and flipping with his car but ending up on wheels:

Confused of that, Blb lost his sense of direction, and continued the track in wrong direction right until checkpoint 2 were he was confronted by the leader Laguckas.

Laguckas who was running already the 6th lap, must have been close to heart attack, while exiting corner and meeting a car coming opposite direction brushing his front left.

(leader meets unexpected track visitor)

(Nightmare time for both, it should't go like this!)

Fortunately not serious physical damage to Laguckas' car, we don't know what was the psychological damage to the driver's mind balance.

Still on lap 6, Behind Laguckas and Ardeee, Tukko struggles in defending all attacks from Dzidoris, eats some tyre stacks but maintains his 3rd place after all.

(Dzi try to pass on next corner, in the background Spiky following in 5th pos)
(And Smart was following Spiky with a powerslide on sector 2 – yes, a powerslide with UFB!)

On sector 3 of 6th lap, Dzi still finding overtake places actively and leaves a mess on track...

...wich confused his followers, especially Katila and Michal

(not sure if pic tells the truth, or does the tyres bump randomly in replays?)

The fights in the middle pack has calmed down, and there is small gaps between all cars. In 9th pos Mgedk makes an error on sector 4, and Jam passes him.

In 13th position 9397 has caught back in the tail of M. Tunc who may be struggling with low tyre temperatures. In 15th pos swissline is in real troubles with overheated R2 front tyres, and struggles to defend all attacks of EmKa running the last position.

Dzidoris has breathtaking moments on lap 7 while desperately trying to find a clean way to pass Tukko, cutting bit too much the last corner of sector 2 and having a short two-wheel session with barrier contact.

That must have been reliefing moments for Tukko, finally having a moment to relax when Dzi dropped over a second behind.

On 8h lap, Laguckas lead is 4 second, now Ardeee is almost matching his pace. On 6th position Smart little bit dropping from pace of Spiky. Katila 7th following him under 2 sec. Michal running under 2sec behind Katila, and 4 sec after him comes a great trio of Jam, Mgedk and Deviance all hungry and excited.

(Jam, Mgedk and Deviance enjoying close racing)

After some gap comes Mtunc and 9397, then again gap and Soini, then a great gap and the fight for not being last between Swissline and Emka. Swissline finally letting Emka pass, because heavily overheated left front tyre.

On 9th lap Mgedk 10th finds and opportunity on Jam 9th and passes him on T1. Unfortunately he doesn't leave enough space otside, and his right rear gets pushed by Jams nose, and causes spin. Deviance got benefit of the situation just passing it through flat out, while Jam lost some seconds and Mgedk lost many seconds and places for 9397 and Mtunc.

(unlucky race situation for Mgedk)

(Mgedk recovers right behind Mtunc and 9397)

In front of them, Michal running 8th closes the gap on Katila on lap 9. On second sector, Katila strangely gets flipped his car without cutting the corner significantly.

(this was too much for Katila's car balance)

(and there he go)

Fortunately car remains on wheels. However Katila is passed by Deviance and Jam.
(Katila with his new aerodynamic nose is still recovering from the flip while Jam passes him)

Right behind Katilas accident, Mtunc spectates on the fly, after being followed by 9397 for several laps. Later Mtunc tells in interview, that he was not ready for the race, did not know the track, and had not suitable setup.

On lap 10, Laguckas lead has stabilized to 4 seconds. Both Laguckas and Ardee have been lapping 1:19:xx times during whole race, while Tukko and Dzidoris lapping 1:20:xx times, and others 1:21 and slower times. Dzidoris has closed the gap on Tukko and again pressuring him. In the back, Swissline still completing his 9th lap, heading to pits with overheated tyres, but fatal miscommunication with pit crew; his tyres are not changed and he comes back to track with hot tyres.

(At the end of lap 10 again superb attack from Dzidoris in last corner, very nice sensitive dive try, but again no success)

Situation on lap 11

The best fight is between Katila, 9397 and Mgedk. This group is also desperately chasing Jam who is running a second ahead.

On the next lap Jam gets distracted of slower racer to be lapped, and gets caught by the group. At this point 9397 feels himself too uncomfortable sandwiched by Katila and Mgedk and lets Mgedk pass him wishing the benefit will come later.

(9397: go Mgedk, show me what you can do with Katila)

Only at 7 sec from the group comes Soini who is finding the same pace with the group ahead him.

So it is halfway of the race, 12 laps and so far Laguckas has just dominated the race. But his left front R2 tyre doesnt stop heating, and some decrement can be seen in his pace. Ardeee running solid and strong pace putting even more speed and now he is shortening the gap from 4 to 3 seconds. Dzidoris 4th still shadowing Tukko without taking too much risks and finally his patience is rewarded – on sc4 Tukko distracts and Dzidoris passes him easily:

(Tukko going wide on sector 4)

Spiky only four seconds behind, running solid 5th, also suffering bit of left front tyre overheat. Smart still chasing Spiky two seconds behind, has done his first 1:20 time and closening to Spiky but slowly. Smart's R2 tyre strategy seems to work very well. Michal running a lonely 6th place 5 sec behind Smart and 5 sec ahead of Deviance and other middle pack racers all lapping 1:21 laptimes. Deviace running also lonely 7th position 5 sec behind Michal and 6sec ahead Jam. But his tyre temps are going unstable creating extra challenge for him to maintain the pace.

On lap 13, Ardeee is not more than two seconds behind Laguckas. Looks like there will be fight for victory.

Fight for 10th position in T1. Mgedk attacks Katila and runs almost on his side on the main straight, but Katila is stronger on brakes

9397 almost gets his places back from Mgedk with good exit from T1 and runs door to door however unable to pass him. All this fighting resulted in slower speed for all three racers, and Jam in 9th place was again running away.

Tyre temps have dropped laptimes of the leaders to 1:20. On lap 14 tyres begin to affect noticeably Laguckas driving and he begin to have wall contacts causing Ardee to closing him rapidly. Potential drama time in the lead:

Deviance in 8th place either doesn't understand, or he doesn't care of his heavily overheated left front. He works really hard to maintain the pace, causing the heat to increase rapidly in the tyre while his R3 rear tyres hasn't warmed up at all.

Katila again unlucky on sector 2, his rear slips too much, he spins in front of Mgedk.

Mgedk avoids Katilas spinned car with lightning fast reflex, but it costs him a hit on the barrier, bit more damage on right front, and place loss for 9397

Lap 15, Laguckas domination has turned into a desperate defending game with increasingly slippery tyres and hungry Ardeee pushing behind. His car doesnt want to stay between the walls, and after a bigger hit Laguckas spectates and retires. Later in the interview, Laguckas said his cambers weren't good enough to keep the pace for whole race. New leader in the race: Ardeee!

Later in the field, Jam was slowly closening to Deviance, and Mgedk tried intensely to attack 9397 but leaned too much on armco barriers in the braking, and as we all know, the physics of those barriers are not the most realistic. He spins, and loses the place back to Katila.

At this point of the race, every racer had more or less damage to be seen in F10 mode. Michal had the most sane car, his damages was almost nothing.

The new order on lap 16 was; Ardeee in the lead, Dzidoris at 17s, Tukko at 20s, Spiky at 25s, Smart at 26s, Michal at 33s, then 11 sec later comes Jam and 9397 who both pass Deviance whose car is undrivable with one heavily overheated tyre and three cold tyres. Retirement.
10 sec later comes Katila and Mgedk and 5 sec from them comes Soini with a solid error-free race and very few damages. Emka is some half lap behind Soini and lapped by the leader.

During following laps, only fighting there is between Jam 8th and 9397 pushing pressure on him.

On 18th lap Smart has picked up Spiky and fighting for 4th position.

(patient chase of Smart is getting fruitful, 2nd sector of18th lap)

On the end of the lap Smart passes Spiky with good exit speed from last turn, and nice and bold braking on T1 with his R2 front tyres.

9397 passed Jam on lap 21 at the exit of T1, but didnt enjoy long the result. At the last corner of sector two, he runs either too much on curb, or was it the pole mess left by Michal, or was it both, but he flips his car, then hits heavily barrier:
(Michal: "hmm lets leave some fun for my followers”)

(9397: ”now I show Jam how fast I am….waaat omg”)

(”hey Jam, look what I can do with my UFR!”)

Lucky 9397 resumes the race without serious damages, surprisingly in front of his fight mates Katila and Mgedk.

Katila being afraid of the adrenaline of Mgedk, uses his last joker card, actually its a James Bond card. Katila takes extra wide line into last corner, and amazingly just licks the barrier corner having a perfect entrance in the curve:

(Katila: ”Okay, lets see what he thinks about this one!”)

(notice how Katila picked just one pole from the barrier, no speed loss!)

while Mgedk following him very near, hits heavily on barrier and has a small fly in the air.

(notice how Katila controls the situation from the rear view mirror - ”So long mate - mission completed!”)

Mgedk still resumed the race with one suspension dead but managed professionally to drive his car to finish in front of Soini.

Meanwhile all this, Emka who was one lap behind, flipped his car on sector 2 of his 20th lap and retired.

On lap 22, Tukko who was holding a safe podium place, goes just too agressively on curb

(is this too agressive? Yes it was!)
...and flips his car!

Unfortunately his car remains on the roof, and he is forced to retire. Later in interview Tukko says, he was just hotlapping for fun.

Winner today again, Ardeee, with professional driving from start to finish and putting the fastest lap of the race:

Second: Dzidoris, with a patient and respectful driving a well earned finish.

Third: Smart! The unlucky of others, is the luck of others. Smart's result was thought just not only luck but also great error-free driving from him with probably very low track experience (don't remember to seen him on the server before the event) and great tyre handling with R2 front tyres.

Full results:

just for curiosity, Laguckas fastest lap was 1:19:46, Tukko's 1:20:12

The traditional 3£ LFS voucher draw was done once again, and Mgedk was the happy one to win it.

Short tv-style replay of the first laps:


Ban until the end of next event to driver Blb because of ramming on lap 2, and endangering the event on lap 6 after getting lost and driving the track in wrong direction until almost crashed with the leader.

Warning to driver M.tunc (ufoandaliens) for agressively driving into another cars back on lap 3.

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UFB@BL4X_965 R.mpr - 7.3 MB - 387 views
Wow,never expected someone using a very old skin made by me... Looking

Mystery machine rules! Big grin

Quote :9397:

^ This is some really well done infographics man!Big grin

And great race report ofcourse Thumbs up
Quote from Eclipsed :Wow,never expected someone using a very old skin made by me... Looking
Mystery machine rules! Big grin

Yeah, Spiky told it was made by you. Awesome!

Some other awesome non-team skins were also there (btw dont know if Ardeee's skin was team skin but it was also really nice one)

Husky's skin merit:

EmKa's fun "spray" skin

Traceur beautiful race skin reminds me old Fiat 127 sport colors

And Rony's made skin from behind and top Big grin

Michal's cool Mini Cooper skin
Another well done report! I hope next time i can not forget about what i want to do. Big grin
I have uploaded the 45M replay of the qualification, if anybody wants to watch it of course~

I may also be putting up a in-car of my 3 lap race (I wasnt doing too gooooood)
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9397R 965 Quali.mpr - 10.8 MB - 400 views
Amazing race report for an amazing race again but I'm really starting to concern about the work gone in to the making this race reports Smile.. Seems like every report you outdoing yourself Smile...

Well if we get to the race, it started great again for me, with a pace that i was happy with but at 6th lap (and in the report pointed out) someone in the lead has clipped the tyre wall and they rolled to the road. While i was chasing [MRc]Michal i hit one of the tyres that was on the road and it upsetted the car and nearly spinned ... It costed me 1 place to the Jam 616 but no big deal we were just started racing Smile
After some more close racing, at the beginning of 9th lap i did my move to pass Jam and misjudged where Jam 616 was and after my move I gave him no room to avoid and he pitted me which cost him 1 place and cost me 3... Sorry Jam Frown
But after that incident i caught up with Jam 616 - [WCL]J.A.Katila - 9397 and if you ask me that 4 had the best bumper to bumper, blood boiling race in this event...
Annnnnd at the last corner of 21st lap what [WCL]J.A.Katila did was soo cheeky that got me off guard or should i say "on guard".... *buh dum tss*...
Jokes aside amazing battle with J.A.Katila, i thought we were evenly matched (even tho he was very damaged) and i know who to rival on upcoming events (and you Mr. 9397 as well... next time i won't be licking the wall and spin) Smile

P.S: Here is my contribute to the race report:

9397 on full attack(baware 56k gif)
Spoiler - click to reveal

Going two wide in to turn(beware 56k gif)
Spoiler - click to reveal
Quote from Eclipsed :Wow,never expected someone using a very old skin made by me... Looking

Mystery machine rules! Big grin

I was so happy when I found your skin. Brought me back to my childhood Smile
Great job!

lucaf: your reports are better and better, well done mate
Quote :Huski had his unlycky moment dropping from 14th to 20th on sector 3 after getting rammed and thrown into barriers by Blb:

I'd like to give my view of what has happened with this, as I think it adds to the report quite nicely.

Firstly as a footnote though, I made a small <1m video of the crash from a few different angles, look in description for time and angles.

Before the turn of the collision I had to put my handbrake on as to not hit [WCL]T.Sonini, which gave BLB the chance to catch up, I knew he was close, however I did check my mirror just before the turn, to where I saw he wasn't too close to myself as I went into the turn, sadly however I didn't account for my lost speed with the line, causing myself to turn into the corner thinking I was okay due to my mirror check only to be crashed by BLB, I was mad at the time yes (That only helped me race more aggressively) but I also waited until everyone passed, even though if I put my foot on the reverse instantly I could've got out before Swissline. But into the crash I tried to turn through it, get my car around the corner to no avail, I was carrying to much straight line speed into that barrier, thankfully my steering was okay to carry on without pitting. Even though this was a race-ending crash for me in terms of position I'm not at all mad at BLB for it, the crash itself was an unlucky coming together of two cars, misjudgement on my part too, its racing at the end of the day on a tight track, it happens.

Now I know people might say that BLB could've broke as to not hit me, and yes I agree, but it all was in a small fraction of time, even I know if I was in BLB's shoes I wouldn't have been able to react safely.
Awesome race, and brilliant race report. I've never had to defend so much in a single week of racing, let alone in a single race Big grin

Quote from MGEDK :After some more close racing, at the beginning of 9th lap i did my move to pass Jam and misjudged where Jam 616 was and after my move I gave him no room to avoid and he pitted me which cost him 1 place and cost me 3... Sorry Jam Frown

No worries, it's all racing. If I'd have noticed sooner I might have been able to slow enough, the overlap was tiny Smile

PS: Spiiiky, Rony: It was the janitor in a mask! Made me smile to see that on track Smile
Quote from Huskii :Now I know people might say that BLB could've broke as to not hit me, and yes I agree, but it all was in a small fraction of time, even I know if I was in BLB's shoes I wouldn't have been able to react safely.

If this was a regular wide track.. I would say BLB is guilty. But this is not that case. It's like F1 in Monaco. When you let someone space on the inside you can't just decide to close it when he is already next to you. But that's just my opinion.
Hey 9397! Since you are great in doing user-friendly infographics, I made for you a Pie chart containing useful data about car preferences for next events Big grin

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No ty vole. Big grin Big grin

Ahem, nevermind my Czech.
Quote from lucaf :
Four other racer also did't join the race: Jamin

The UFR + curbs + barriers = upside down at some point, so I decided not to start.

Thx for organising, a well made track and a great race report too Thumbs up

"9397 Racing" -Events
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