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id love to join a aussie team can i join Smile
Sure man.all you have to donit fill in the questions in the first post
Everyone forgot about the comp Frown hahah
Application For sign up
County: Australia
Prev Teams: N/A
Current team: N/A
Accomplishments: Long slide drifts, Tight monuvers, Full flat drifts
Years drifting: 2 years
Hi! my name is x_hailfire_x, I live in canada, I have been a part of venom, dtp, redsun, and impactblue. (some groups were shut down, some i quit.. for good reason.) i am not in a team right now, but I have accomplished many reverse entries in my past, i have completed a 360 degreee entry before, and I would love to learn the art of tandems. I have been drifting for about 2 years or more, and would love to join your team! Big grin
Sure thing man. We are currently taking a break due to inactives and no admins on. Aswell as getting everything set like skins, events all that. We wpuld love to have you all in our team but we arent operating yet. Im looking to get back up running in september august time.
in-game username:wy-always-me
County: The Netherlands
Prev Teams: N/A
Current team: N/A
Accomplishments: slow drifts, drifting without handbrake, making decent tunes,with my old wheel really good reverse entry's (practicing it with my new wheel), pretty good XRG drifter, good XRT drifter
Years drifting: +-5 years, few months on G27 now Wink
(Datruth) DELETED by Datruth : I already joined a team, (:
In-Game Username:dEfaulT34
Previous Teams:FRS(FordRallyeSport)and Bypower Drift Team
Current Team:None
Accomplishments:Good Driver with XRG;No handbrake;No need for a setup;slow and medium drifts
Years Drifting:1/2 years, with new G27 now.
This team is dead.
Yup, was dead like after 3 months lol

That's what happens with shitty management and people not knowing what to do with their own team.
well actually bro things happened in my personal life and i had to up and leave everything so SMD!
"SMD" Edgy much?

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