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Public Apology To All Panel Freaks.
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#1 - Jakg
Public Apology To All Panel Freaks.
I always said that a TN was fine.

I was wrong.

My 2 extra monitors (Iiyama E431S's, one is a -B and one is an -S but thats just colour) look MUCH better than main Xerox 22". Of course, I don't have the £ to fix this with a non-TN panel (Shame) but I just thought i'd post this.

im quite certain those iiyamas are tns as well...
#3 - Jakg
in situations like these i always find it hard to figure out whose the horse and whose the water
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#7 - ajp71
There does seem to be difference between the cheapest TN and better ones, we've definitely got a better one, but I refuse to use either. Quality isn't prohibitively expensive, I got a Dell 2007WFP delivered next day for £217, about the same as a cheap 24"

I suppose we should also stop hoarding monitors, we've got eight monitors between four computers (none of which are currently running multi-monitor setups)
#8 - Tisza
Who cares about TN or not TN if i have 22" after a 17" crt??? You ppl are really a "rig-head".
With a CRT, quality and size tend to go hand-in-hand. This is not the case with an LCD.
Quote from Forbin :With a CRT, quality and size tend to go hand-in-hand. This is not the case with an LCD.

I am pretty sure there are/were crappy cheap CRTs too.
Quote from geeman1 :I am pretty sure there are/were crappy cheap CRTs too.

Generally anything over 17" would be decent quality, of course there were better and worse monitors but most of the inherent obstacles for an LCD didn't exist. So long as you've got a good resolution/refresh ratio in a larger CRT you should be fine because they were generally very expensive and not aimed at budget buyers when new.
Quote from geeman1 :I am pretty sure there are/were crappy cheap CRTs too.

I think you misunderstood me. Basically what I was saying is what ajp71 said: if you buy a large CRT, it's practically guaranteed to be of high quality, whereas small CRT's were practically guaranteed to be of poor quality.

In some ways, an LCD on a public computer, say in a library, is a huge step up from a 15" CRT that ran at 800x600 or 1024x768 @ 60Hz all the time and gave someone like me a headache just from glancing at it.
although it has to be said that huge crts are prone to have convergence issues (sonys in particular)
although the ancient 21" eizo im sitting at right now has absolutely perfect convergence
I've got four 22" Compaqs and only none of them are perfect from the tests I've run. Of course they're all five or so years old or so now, which doesn't help. One is so bad I can't use it, and two of them aren't really clear enough to run at 1600x1200 without making text a little hard to read, so I run them at 1280x960. The main screen stays sharp even at 2048x1536, although the 75Hz refesh makes it unsuitable for prolonged use.

All of them have slight colour tints to dark colours, although again the best is only noticeable in a darkened room. During bright scenes like LFS, it doesn't show, but in the dark caves of Oblivion, the colour change becomes pretty apparent. This is with all the screens preducing an identical, perfect white.
hugs his, Dell 2407WFP ao4rev
My home display is Dell 2405 bought from my friend second hand (he went for the '08 30-incher but then again he's loaded). The Dell's are priced on the 'FU Scale' here in Finland so it was the best I could come up with my limited budget.

It's a PVA panel but does the job after hardware calibration. I'll do my proofs anyway on a 36,000€ Xerox so I guess I'm ok.
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Public Apology To All Panel Freaks.
(22 posts, started )