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Does anybody involved in racing in real life?
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Does anybody involved in racing in real life?
So, is there people who is engaged in motorsports in their real life? It would be interesting to know how many people are participate in racing. I did not found a similar topic (except "post your car", but it's mainly about daily cars) at this forum so i created new

Well, I'll start with myself. I have an old lada 2101, i build it for amaterur competitions, it has 1.7 engine with tuned camshaft, exhaust and installed electronic fuel injection system instead of carburetor. I also installed torsen LSD in rear axle and installed a little bit harder suspension, i've made it for gravel, but it's not bad on tarmac too (but have big body roll), In this spring (to be more precise on April 9) i've participated in competition "auto world"("Мир автомобиля" in Russian) that annualy held in St. Petersburg, but local racers call it "curb" (поребрик), because every year somebody smashes his car on the curb. In this year this competition had around 60-70 members in 4 classes- sport-awd, sport with drive on one axis, street-awd and street- with drive on one axis. In sport classes was mainly cars with roll-cage and slick-tyres. I was in street class and was 10th of 33rd, mainly because of bald tyres and my mistakes. Ok, enough talk, here's the video and some photos

Sorry for my bad english, if it's not difficult correct my mistakes
Cool car man!
I've been around hillclimbing/sprinting for a long time, helping run these;

The owner of those gave up a few years ago though so I've had to go to racing my own cars now!

So for the last year I've been autosoloing and autotesting my Volvo, considering it's so heavy and relatively soft it's a very competitive car, although having 316bhp may have something to do with that.

The Volvo's my daily though so I decided to retire it back to just road car duties and I've got this to race now;

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Nice cars McGherkin!

Wenom, you drunk? You are right but if they just used them for racing then the only major expense would be buying it and occaisionally buying new tyres for it (I think.....). This would seem like an even better deal in the UK because of the fact that insurance is a fortune here.
Lada's are best. We fit 6 people in one Lada and did some street racing, thing turned into a stanced Lada.
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Quote from Wenom :@k-badam yes i was drunk. But here in finland if anyone wants to buy your car you must sell your racingcar for a certain price.

this is just an example how things work in here

I'm fairly sure there are other forms of racing around the world with similar rules, this reminds me a lot of LeMons racing in the USA.
Quote from Wenom :@k-badam yes i was drunk. But here in finland if anyone wants to buy your car you must sell your racingcar for a certain price.

this is just an example how things work in here

To be honest it is still a great way of keeping the field even, as you don't want to spend more into the car than what the sale value in these venues are. And it's there to keep the series as an entry level rallycross event, which imho is a great feat. In addition to that there's rokkiralli too, they have a racing class there which do not require the cars from the winning finals to be sold.
There is always a way to create route for goal.
Folk race is a great example, started there 9 years ago, look where I am now Smile

Nicky Catsburg used to be a dedicated LFS driver too. Very nice fellow. Now he is racing some pretty nice cars Smile

And of course Dennis Lind, Tommy Oostgard, and a few others have ventured into the real racing world with some good success.

Edit: hey look, there's Dennis Big grin ^
After having a fairly boring first year of driving in a Seat Arosa 1.0 with a black-box i moved on to something a little more fun with potential, a Volvo 340! This is mainly because i've always wanted to drift in real life since i started drifting on LFS and other sims many years ago.

So as soon as i attempted my first drift IRL i had the hang of it no problem thanks to many years of training on the G25 and lfs.

1.7 Carbd engine 80BHP
Middle box delete & MK2 Golf GTI back box
Welded diff
Evo 6 Recaro seats
Nardi steering wheel
Stripped-ish interior
Few suspension mods
13x7 minilites with grippy tyres all round

Its pretty much a swedish AE86 Big grin

Also after going on a drift experience day, on track in a V8 S14 it actually landed me a job teaching drifting. Which is pretty cool, it lets me improve on my driving and learn from others mistakes. They also have MX5s, an AE86 and a few drift-spec E46 M3s.

Anyway enough about drifting, i actually took the Volvo to the nurburgring in September and it was epic! I cooked the stock brakes 3 mins into the lap which was pretty scary and a Ferrari 458 actually let me pass him prior to thatCool
I only did one lap, didnt want to break the volvo 450 miles away from home as it took quite a beating anyway. Want to go back though as its one of the coolest places ive been to! and of course im craving more laps around the ring!
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Kart racing!
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I did bangers once, hence the name, didnt do so good, 2 and a half laps, dent in every panel, car dead.

I did also dabble in karting very briefly, at the LFS kart meet no less, 2010 and 2011 if i remember right, me becky rose the very end and i cant remember the other team member, we won the endurance one year, although that was more down to becky and TVE's driving than mine, i wasnt so good lol

Does anybody involved in racing in real life?
(17 posts, started )