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LFSCART Series 2016: S3 Voucher Event Signups
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LFSCART Series 2016: S3 Voucher Event Signups

LFSCART Series 2016: Round 0a - S3 Voucher Event - Signups

To enter the 2016 LFSCART Series S3 Voucher Event, make a post here giving your requested car number, LFS licence name, real name, nationality, and team name (if representing a team). Separate each field with a /, no space between the text of the field and the /. Example:

1/dekojester/Jonathan Palmer/USA/New Dimension Racing

Any number 2-99 is free for selection. Number 1 is reserved for last year's champion, Jarl "arox123" Teien.

Signups are open NOW, and will close between 2h5m before the start of the event.

Licence Requirements for Drivers

S2 licenced drivers are given priority over drivers who have an S3 licence already.
No NDR Licence Grade limitation.

Entries are tracked in the attached PDF.

As of 15:55 UTC 02 January 2016, there were 61 total entrants: 37 S2 and 24 S3. Remember, all S2 licenced entrants have priority over any S3 licenced entrant!
Attached files
LFSCART2016S3VoucherEvent_EntryList.pdf - 81.4 KB - 351 views
2/naranjopino/Alvaro Naranjo/Chile/Team America (TAM)
#3 - Sn1p
58/Sn1p/Matiss Linde/Latvia/-
97/ziomek21/Piotr Goik/Poland/Conquest Racing
96/Eclipsed/Rony Kronpušs/Latvia/Race Green Autosports
78/greybull [cha]/Yann Laprevotte/France/Temmie Express Motorsports
19/przemek21061995/Przemek Wdowiarz/Poland/Conquest Racing
90/timo1992/Timo Höfer/Germany/Genuine Racing
7/sermilan/Milan Radonjić/Serbia/Sonicrealms racing
Received at 06:46 UTC via PM:
93/cuprum/Edgars Pulins/Latvia/PlayerZone Team
71/n gin/Antti Valta/Finland/-
31/ZyXEL/Jānis Ozoliņš/Latvia/-
47/Storm_Cloud/Dave Southword/United Kingdom/Sonicrealms racing
21/mvelikov/Mihail Velikov/Bulgaria/-
10/VictorMateus123/Victor Veloso/BRA/Energy Virtual Racing
33/miki d/Miki Denic/Serbia/-
95/Dominikx/Dominik Kulich/Czech republic
88/BADLVBOY/Mareks Rukmanis/Latvia/Nismo Systematics
3/TCsabee/Csaba Terhes/Hungary/
11/HeRRC/Hernán Quinteros/Argentina/Furtive Racing
60/BorislavB/Borislav Botev/Bulgaria/Fast And Crazy SimSports
82/MButcher/Pete Butcher/United Kingdom/[TC] Racing
64/Knight_Atack/Yannick Martin/Canada/CoRe SimRacing
9/Laipnieks/Andrejs Laipnieks/Latvia/CoRe SimRacing
98/M.tunç/ufoandaliens/Turkey/Turkey motor sports
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LFSCART Series 2016: S3 Voucher Event Signups
(89 posts, closed, started )