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Milestones !
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Milestones !
Graz for RG^Litro (Litro) for 200k km distance at lfs.
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#2 - Litro
U krazy!
Its not the account with which he started.
go away dave
Wait, does this mean that I'M getting a parteh at my 150k milestone?
Cleaned up the thread from nonsense. However, I don't see a reason why this shouldn't belong to "general LFS discussion". It is about LFS, isn't it?
Just a minute ago [FM]^benni (lamerr) hitted 500k distance.
Much respect
what next ? 1 million ?? or 36 ky1 ?
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#9 - Litro
Hehe, congratulations!
Lately some HC Lfs'r hitted 800k !! He is KANSAS47.r (bergbazi)
Graz & Dänke schöön
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My 400,000km party is going to be soon. :S
This weekend User Wyngpax? (WyngPax) drived over 700k distance
That takes him to place 9. at total distance chart ! much respect !
He seems to be a lonesome rider, but hey if he likes that why not?

"like a drifter i was born to walk alone"
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according to LFSW "PVL" has 1761840 KM driven...
He's a scam
Are these values accurate and real? If so, it's incredible. The Toyota Tercel I use since '99 (I used and use it a lot) got only 240k kilometers, and here this guy, in the 9th place, got 700k kilometers. Worth to mention that I use to exceed significantly the speed-limit .
Quote from diegofkda :Are these values accurate and real?

They're pretty accurate, yea. Though some have been known to use funny tricks to boost online distance, but they're part of a very small minority.
Wow ! Another half million traveller He is: [GD] Didotm (Dildo bmw)
He is known as Hc blackwood driver, and on this distance it is made by pure racing and a great passion of simsport !
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Just why
Don't worry Martin, I'll make sure you'll get your own party!
Quote from Jatimc :blaa blaa blaa [GD] Didotm (Dildo bmw)
blaa blaa blaa

I see what you did there
Lately a HC BF1'r v\oliveR (Oliver Feistkorn)did amazing wr with BF1 at rally track (fe6)0:27.820 !
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Here it is ! A 500k hitter Mr. CamelclubR (Camel-x) A very HC driver expecially with XFG
allso very fair driver and humoristic person.
He will go place 45. at total distance chart. Good race !
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Milestones !
(46 posts, started )