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DnB and related genres
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Quote from danthebangerboy :As this is a DnB thread, anyone able to ID this track for me?

I can tell you that that is definately DJ Hazard if you haven't found anything out yet.
It's a song by DJ Hazard, I'm guessing it's a remix of a song called "Never Feel The Same" however with DJ Hazard he keeps his songs exclusive for live sets and never releases them unless they go mainstream. Best is to find it on another mix and hope someone has isolated it into an individual song, It's a ****ing banger though!

Edit: could be another version of this,
Thanks guys, i never think about using Shazam for any edm tracks unless it's a obvious remix but it pulled through I'll probably quit lurking on DoA and click the register button to see if someone has a clue.

!!!!!!! found it! Lenzman ft Jo-S - Fade Away (Total Science & S.P.Y remix)
Hybrid Minds - Meant To Be

Not been on this thread for a while, it's a kind of a bump, but the track above definitely deserves it.
Ah yeah! Immediately recognized it by the image. Great tune.
One of the best DNB tracks ever done......imho

And some more: (commercial) ( Awesome) (All time classic) (King of DNB - Mickey Finn)

I am well in to DNB, have loads in my car on USB stick

I'm looking for a clip... I believe it was Man for all seasons the song. It was a BMW M5 clip from another movie I believe. I recall the song was a mashup or something. Perhaps you guys know what I'm talking about. I can't believe I can't come up with it.

edit: Isn't this the video: ?
No sorry, the other way around.

I recall a video (I believe the footage I posted), but with a dnb. I believe it was something from Concord Dawn or Pendulum, but I'm not sure.
Hmm not sure, it does sound familiar. Can't find the clip that I meant with it though.
Quote from TAUTV1S :SPY's 'Back To Basics' is big imho! This song.. it makes you think

whoooooooooooooooa screwyface!
First impression - the intro is just so awesome!

DnB and related genres
(505 posts, started )