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LFSCART Series 2014: Signups
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LFSCART Series 2014: Signups

2014 LFSCART Series - Signups

To enter the 2014 LFSCART Series, make a post here giving your requested car number, LFS licence name, real name, nationality, and team name (if representing a team). Separate each field with a /, no space between the text of the field and the /. Example:

1/dekojester/Jonathan Palmer/USA/New Dimension Racing

Any number 2-99 is free for selection. Number 1 is reserved for last year's champion, Rony "Eclipsed" Kronpušs.

Signups are open NOW, and will close between 2h5m before a round until 2h after the conclusion of a round.

Licence Requirements for Drivers

A minimum of a Grade E licence is required for the 2014 LFSCART Series.

Entries will be tracked in an attached PDF, updated regularly. Current list is entrylistR5.pdf
Attached files
entrylistR1.pdf - 79.7 KB - 225 views
entrylistR2.pdf - 82.6 KB - 266 views
entrylistR3.pdf - 82.3 KB - 169 views
entrylistR4.pdf - 82.8 KB - 168 views
entrylistR5.pdf - 80.2 KB - 220 views
entrylistR6.pdf - 80.2 KB - 243 views
entrylistR7.pdf - 80.8 KB - 154 views
64/Flame CZE/Martin Kapal/Czech Republic/SAVAGE SimSports
14/CodeLyoko1/Remco Majoor/NED/Last Lap Motorsports
99/F1 mainiac/Bozhidar Velinov/Bulgaria/World Class Lions
34/turkishcan/Cem Dalda/Turkish/-
11/jurisltu/Skrajūns Drambliox/Lithuania/SAVAGE SimSports
69/Berni01/Mateusz Bernat/Poland/Last Lap Motorsports
#8 - yanki
36/yanki/Yannick Lemmens/Belgium/Scuderia GP
20/gordon666/Damian Gajda/Poland/Conquest Racing
19/przemek21061995/Przemek Wdowiarz/Poland/Conquest Racing
#11 - UCHU
44/UCHU/Kamil Gorzelany/PL/Conquest Racing
#12 - Jni
37/Jni/Joni Vähäkuopus/Finland/Iron Club
04/MonkeyHead/Axel Falck/Finland/CoRe Racing
42/vitaly_m/Vitalii Minnakhmetov/Russian Federation/Sunset Ltd.
32/FalconBridge/Patrick Hall/Canada/Race Green Autosports
#16 - sl10
10/sl10/Sami Litmanen/Finland/Sonicrealms Racing
96/Eclipsed/Rony Kronpušs/Latvia/Race Green Autosports

I'll stay with my original number.
75/Botswanan Salama/Pauli Peltokangas/Finland/-
46/Knight_Atack/Yannick Martin/Canada/CoRe Racing
76/no_one/Simon Murphy/Great Britain/Something Awful
25/Bmxtwins/Ray Kingsbury/United States of America/Last Lap Motorsports
Entry received via email:

06/AroX123/Jarl teien/Norway/RIP Racing
17/nathan246/Nathan Lamothe/Canada/Last Lap Motorsports
9/Senninha25/Rui Pinto/Portugal/Last Lap Motorsports
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LFSCART Series 2014: Signups
(116 posts, closed, started )