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Homemade cockpit + theater room
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I wish I had enough room to build one of those. Never thought of using PVC though. Good idea.
Note to self right a note to self to go to a scrap yard and get a comfy seat from a car. Not to self look for a trashed ricer and get one from there.
I really wish I had the sort of parents that would let me make something like this. They'd just see it as a waste of space and time
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Quote from ATC Quicksilver :Why spend all that money, and take all the time to make something like that, and only use it for crappy arcade games.

since when has rfactor been a crappy arcade game?
Well, I could make all that but it would not come up on a touch of a button and it would be gloss black instead of CF.

I just don't have the time or money to do that.
2 things....................nice cup holder .........................why do you have 2 PC's??
Quote from Nathan_French_14 :Nice one james!

Does the electric chair work? If so, where are you getting the power from?

yh it does work i use one of those booster packes for starting the car, we put a cig lighter end on the cable cos it has a cig lighter socket
Quote from TG44 :since when has rfactor been a crappy arcade game?

Since the day it was launched.
Quote from The Moose :Since the day it was launched.

bully!!!!! I do agree that the standard cars you get with it are twerrible but there are some really good mods out there that are great fun to drive and feel pretty good, like the LX4+6 equivalent. They are brilliant fun...
well if u got the money the time (need alot of time to be that enthusiastic about a simulator) but if i did have the money and the time why not :rally_dri
Oh, just saw that here, let me show you my good old seat built originally

for Gran Turismo 2 in 99 Since that time only the wheels have changed

and soon I have to change the Car seat (VW Scirocco) which is done after

many hours of racing. A almost new one (Opel Ascona) is waiting in my cellar.

Sorry for the bad quality, I only have a old digicam. In my opinion this is the

very best way to get a racing seat and it is still cheaper than all that stuff

you can buy, not to mention it is more personal and fits lots better.

I paid 15.- D-Mark for the seat and 100.- D-Mark for the construction.
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In the process in constructing another one like this. Might use metal shelving with bolts as the frame.

Homemade cockpit + theater room
(40 posts, started )