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RiP Tomek! Even he left CoRe we feel sad a bout loosing a part of our family.

Don´t know what to say. just speechless about that.
R.I.P. :bowdown:
I cannot believe it... RIP my friend.

Tomek was a fantastic driver, and a great friend.
I have so many great memories with him - he will be missed deeply. He was one I always had a chat with, about everything. He was very dedicated to sim-racing and he always made me smile with his funny humor. I will miss you, my friend!

We were joking about having his name on my racing car in real life not long ago... As a tribute to Tomek, I will put his name on the car for my next race.

Quote from vipex123 :Was watching the video Maik has just posted only two days ago, has a whole new meaning to it now.. I remember a Blackwood Reversed race in GT2WS a few years back and it was such a good race. .

Just thinking about the races I had against him at BL1, KY3 and SO4R in the first season of GT2WS gives me goose bumps - after the SO4R race I didn't feel like driving anymore because I was happy with how I drove with him putting pressure on me for the whole stint driving 1s behind me. He raised the bar for the first race of that season for dedication and pace in LFS at that point and everyone had to raise their game or be left behind. Even earlier than that I remember seeing him on BL1 Demo and remembering how fast he was back then. He was very passionate for racing and driving, it made him as fast as he was but was also responsible for why he didn't win more often. I remember he asked me to come on a server to make a picture to remember our battle @ BL1 like a year after it happened, and remembering how he pushed me to a different level and how the rivalry was a big deal to him makes it feel like there is a big empty space which won't be filled, especially when I think of the irony that he always compared himself to Senna and me to Prost then once we start to become friends, he's gone.

I hope that you guys continue to race especially in the 24h race as I know he was looking forward to that.
R.I.P Tomek
RIP, a man who never had any doubts in his talent and ability... A man who seemed untouchable behind the wheel of a car.
We are doing an honor lap on the NDR Server. Please come and drive a lap with us on NDR Server, please.
He was a hardcore competitor, but also didn't mind giving his advice to those that may have needed it. I hope we can have a tribute to him in the upcoming 24hr race.

Thats shocking. R.I.P. Tomek Nogieć ;(
RIP Tomek. A good friend and great racer.
R.I.P Tomek
What an absolutely shocking thing to hear.

He certainly was a great driver! Much strength wished for family and friends, Rest in Peace.

Unfortunately i heard it too late to be on time on the NDR server, but i can clearly say that everyone in Corse Motorsports is shocked by the news and shares his thoughts
The most sadly post i've read here.

RIP Nogiec.
Thats very sad news indeed... I couldn't believe when I saw it...
I will always remember our car testings together... And as all above already mentioned he was very focused on sim racing... he had his big input in 2nd place result for Vires in GT2WS 2012 or 13 (can't remember). He helped us back then and he was driving in every free moment whole week and I remember if he could drive that round then he would even make a qual record lap at we1 and it probably will be first 1:33 on we1 in gt2 fzr car...
well also remember when he was in 3id and came to me for a good setups, he knew I had very good ones for bl1r and so4r setup he took them and Joe tweaked them a little and he was really fast on those setups. He was really angry when he did't got PP in bl1r because set and everything was top and he just didn't have enough luck back then, but at so4r he did an official qual record in my set which was tweaked a little by Joe again (can't remember if its still an official qual record).
We both were similar, he wanted to be the fastest driver and i wanted to be one of the best setup makers and we did a lot of setup testings to very late hours... we had our ups and downs but he was a good friend at all and we could talk about everything after all our car setup work...
Its fantastic feeling when you create car and give it to someone like Tomek and then he's just flying with it and you didn't even knew before this car can go faster than you thougt it can.

https://scontent-a-cdg.xx.fbcd ... 29710546_1453762852_n.jpg

this picture was originally taken by him as a gift to me which was to be a memorial that he raced in my team too... but I didn't even thought that I will use this foto for a thing which just happened way too fast...
Atleast I hope you've meet up there with your idol Senna...
We can not believe.... R.I.P. Tomek

What a sad lost.
brilliant picutre, and i want to thank everyone for being there to support Tomek, Certainly made Dustin happy.

it was nice to see the turnout and it was nice to do the lap of honor, thanks maik and deko for setting it up.

we will never forget this.. such a special person

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R.I.P. Tomek
It's a really dark day for LFS, the whole community and of course for his family & friends.

I didn't really raced against him a lot, may be the reason, that I'm way slower than him, but that doesnt care now.

When I was on cargame TS sometimes with him & other guys, we had a lot of fun, while racing, telling us funny jokes. He was a great personality.

May he rest in Peace, he deserves it to be at a better place.

Sadly I could'nt make it to the honor lap. It was a fantastic move by all the guys, Maik and Deko.
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Dont know what to say, got so many memories. Met him for the first time when he was driving fbm on demo servers and instantly saw how fast he was. He was a special character, always said straight out what he thought, which was something I liked about him.

I will never forget racing against him in gt2ws. That first race at as29 was something special, he was a level above everyone else and showed what was possible with the right preperation, something he never lacked for a race. Thats why it always felt so good beating him at times. Especially in qualifying where he was so amazing, days like that I knew I had done everything right, I hope he felt the same when things ended the other way.

I always compared my laptimes to him, my team to his team, and so did many others do. Just shows how respected he was. Cant believe that the 12h race would be that last time we met on track. I hope everyone can take something from this and stop the useless shit that you see too often on the forum, there is more important things in life.

We will miss you Tomek
Really well said Matti!
Dear god... Even though we were definetley not competitors on track, but I will always remember chating with him on facebook, him saying "C'mon Laurys, where are you gone, come back to do some racing, I miss laping and honking at you!"...

This is a big loss...I send my dearest condolences to the family and friends.

Rest in peace, Tomek...

Nitor Velox
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