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Too soon ?

3 Lessons Michael Schumacher Can Teach Us About Ski Holidays
1. Be prepared to cut some corners
2. Everyone needs a world-class support team
3. Comebacks are inevitable

Before the ban, this is an article from Feb 2013............
"Too soon" usually only applies if someone is dead...
Quote from ImudilaSkyline :yes..

Quote from Gougoodthing :"Too soon" usually only applies if someone is dead...

It pays to be in first ............

And, it's only a sales promotion that Michael did in Feb 2013.
I just felt it was relevant, especially the three headings.
See 3 if you want to feel better.

Here's a cute cat to support your opinion !

Quote from Racer X NZ :
A color-coded map of the world’s most and least emotional countries

All the least emotional countries are ex USSR countries.
It says a lot about someone to make "fun" of a dead person or a person struggling to survive at this point. Happy new year su**er.

"Is taim to drap de bais"
Quote from Crashgate3 :"Is taim to drap de bais"

The only thing he will drop once the plug will be swtiched on are his fingers...
title says "Hand of a gynaecologist after 30 years on the job"

Tl;dr: ^n, n = rainbow

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Hit the tree and bounced in? wtf lol
severe suspension damage, no skidmarks, i want to say parking garage falling, because notice how the tree bends outward.

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